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president hosni mubarak. >> just cranking it and doing it or walking around. there they come. >> thanks for being with us. have a great weekend, everybody. good morning. the big chill. much of the country locked into below freezing temperatures. now a dangerous mix of snow and freezing rain from green bay all the way to the carolinas. >> i've never seen anything like this. >> it's about to make things worse. on a roll. the stock market on a march towards anall-time high as unemployment hits a five-year low. this morning the encouraging signs this recovery may be here to stay. bds and easy living. a florida man makes himself at home in this vacant $2.5 million mansion for free. if he stays there long enough, it could be his. why it's all perfectly legal today, friday, january 25th, 2013.
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>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. good morning, everyone. welcome to "today" on friday morning. i'm savannah guthrie. >> i'm willie geist. savannah is going to be conducting a legal seminar. >> i'll be able to explain all of it. >> our legal analyst savannah guthrie will be with us. it does seem fitting we're wrapping up this weekend with a winter storm stretching over a broad part of this country. >> we're hovering around zero with the wind chill in new york city. we're the lucky ones. we're going to get to al's forecast straight ahead. very important if you're
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traveling. the dramatic rescue of a young boy as he was pulled to safety after he was caught in a flash flood. we'll show you what happens. for the first time, we'll hear voicemails from a person who pretended to be manti te'o's girlfriend. >> i just wanted to say i love you and good night and i'll be okay tonight. i love you so much. so now the question is who does that voice belong to. was it the young man accused of being behind the hoax or somebody else entirely. we'll look into that. >> a lot of people wondering that. do you wish you had more time in the morning. do you wish you had techniques to make the morning go faster, like shaving the night before. >> i do shave the night before. >> something i learned about willie. we have interesting strategies. >> do you lay out the clothes a night before? >> no, of course not. that would require organization and forethought which i do not have. we'll get to that. let's begin with the new winter storm to go with the brutal cold being felt by millions of you this morning. al roker is outside this morning with details.
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al, good morning. >> that's right. the bad news, guys, we're not going to see an end to the brutally cold temperatures in the northeast and appalachians and tennessee river valley until monday. yesterday, it's actually warmed up in saranac lake. yesterday at this time it was 32 below. it's only 14 below in saranac lake. 3 in binghamton. 9 in state college. 13 in new york city. with the wind chill, it feels like zero. jet stream is way down in the south. washington, 27. 14 in syracuse and in augusta, maine. 22, detroit. by saturday it starts to make its way to the north. temperatures do start to moderate. saturday we'll start to see some changes. detroit up to 30, lexington, 39, washington, 37. by monday, back to normal. jet stream up to the north. lexington, n 54, d.c, boston wi see 39. we'll talk about this storm that's make ag real mess from the appalachians to the
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tennessee river valley and eventually making its way to the northeast by this evening. savannah? there are signs this morning that the economy is falling out in a big way. the stock market is on a tear now back to pre-recession levels, and unemployment is at a five-year low. jim cramer is host of ""mad mone money". good to see you. we've seen stock markets go up on a housing bubble, on a tech bubble. how do you know the housing market is firmer here? >> i like markets based on employment going higher. i don't think it's any coincidence we have unemployment at a five-yoear low and stocks t an all-time high. >> so we are seeing job growth but we're not seeing job growth to really get the unemployment rate down. what signs are you seeing that tells you employers are really going to start hiring now? >> this economy was brought down by housing and it's going up by
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housing. housing got so low in this country, we're building half the number of homes we were building just a few years ago, and that employs a huge number of people. >> the stock market is having good times on wall street. how do you get more productivity out of workers so they're not hiring as many people as they did before? >> that's true, most companies are not. but with china coming around getting better, europe stabilizing, these companies around here are going to start hiring and the stock market is anticipating that. >> can we talk about apple? here is a company that everybody thinks should be doing great. it's hosting huge profits, its products are flying off the shelves and the stock market took a dive yesterday. what gives? >> this is a what have you done for me lately wall street show. apple can't keep growing the way it used to. this was not a great quarter, by any means. it was disappointing. >> it was a overvalued in a
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correction? >> i think that was part of it. i think the big smartphone revolution is now in many people's homes. there's a little bit of a saturation. don't forget, in the end we went growth, growth, growth on wall street. it just doesn't have hyper growth any more. >> jim, it's good to have you here. you can see "mad money" on weeknights on cnbc. the unveiling of legislation to ban assault weapons is on the block. good morning. >> change is often hard to find in washington but we are seeing some moves unfolding from key players to the volatile issue of guns, and even changes to the rules. the business of washington that could affect us all. hard change after the newtown tragedy. even ardent supporters of the new assault weapons ban call it
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an uphill battle. >> you are stronger than the gun lobby. you are stronger than the gun manufacturers. but only if you stand up. >> the proposed ban would target 157 specific firearms, semiautomatic rifles and pistols with military features and magazines holding more than ten rounds, but would keep legal 2200 hunting and sporting weapons. the national rifle association responded that the american people know gun bans do not work. turning to how the senate works or doesn't work to get things done, cue jimmy stewart in the classic, "mr. smith goes to washington ". >> wild horses aren't going to drag me off this farm. those people will hear what i have to say even if it takes all winter. >> he made the senate filibuster heroic. but in the real world, a breakthrough came on wednesday night when they agreed to reduce gridlock. >> we want our voices heard. not our voices but the voices of the people we represent. >> no gridlock, just a green
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light for change that is expected to move senator john kerry into hillary clinton's job as the next secretary of state. >> i'm very pleased that john will be given the chance subject to confirmation to continue the work of a lifetime. >> i would take office as secretary, proud that the senate is in my blood. but equally proud that so, too, is the foreign service. >> we don't often see that kind of emotion from john kerry, referring to his father who was part of the foreign service took the family overseas when he was a young man. his days in the senate are winding down. on tuesday they will vote on his confirmation. expected to move over to the state department very easily. i should tell you, savannah, that some liberal groups wanted much more in those changes to filibuster rules. these are small steps but they could have a very practical effect on what can or can't get done in washington. savannah? >> we're all for washington
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getting things done. kelly, thanks so much. let's get other top stories from natalie morales at the news desk. hi, natalie. >> good morning, everybody. pyongyang threatens to attack the south if seoul joins in a new round of u.n. sanctions. north korea is calling the sanctions a declaration of war and is vowing to move forward with nuclear testing. a new strain of the norovirus has arrived here in the u.s. the gut-wrenching bug is being called the ferrari of stomach viruss because of how quickly it can spread. experts say it's a difficult virus to control and it can spread by touching contaminated surfaces or eating food by someone who is infected. flooding is bringing chaos and leaving one teenager in the fight of his life. good morning, sara. >> good morning, natalie. it's been a summer of extremes in australia. first fires, now a daring rescue
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of a teenager trapped by a flood. it was a teenaged thrill gone terribly wrong. an impulsive swim with a mate in a flooded creek in australia left this 14-year-old boy clutching desperately to a tree. police and firefighters scrambled to reach him before he lost his grip and his life. an elite rescuer went into the raging floodwaters, the aftermath of sigh locyclone osw. at first everything went right. he bobbed downstream, snagged a tree. but while pushing the boy to safety, the rescue worker went under, under the teen, under the water. his only choice, to unhitch his safety cable and hope for the best. anxious moments, then relief as he popped to the surface 100 yards down stream exhausted but alive. firefighter brett williams says it's all part of the job.
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>> flood damage spais part of t training. >> reporter: one happy ending to flood survivors who need good news fighting floods in the tropical north, while an inferno a close call of a very different kind for these firefighters. in australia, it seems there is too much rain or none at all, and there is more than a month of summer here to go. natalie? >> all right, sara james in sydney. thanks so much, sara. a pair of united airlines jets came too close for comfort on thursday. they clipped wings while they were parked at their gate. no passengers were injured in the incident. with sibling rivalry set to reach new heights next weekend at the super bowl, it was time to have a little fun with jack and jackie harbaugh, the parents of coaches jim and john harbaugh. they got a suspicious call from
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baltimore. >> our next question comes from john in baltimore. the line is open. >> a question from baltimore. is it true that both of you like jim better than john? >> john harbaugh? >> yes, it was john harbaugh, the coach of the baltimore ravens. when asked how they would like the super bowl to end, the harbaugh parents said the diplomatic answer, they hope the nfl lets it be a tie between john's ravens and jim's san francisco 49ers, but not going to happen. those tough parenting moments. 7:12 right now. back to savannah and willie now. >> i have to say, we didn't play it on the tape, but she was on message loving them both equally. >> but she did pick it up right away. john, is that you? she was not fooled. natalie, thanks. al? here for a check of the weather. >> we've got this storm system making its way into this cold air, and it's going to cause a problem. as you can see, snow to the
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north of the system. icing conditions through the tennessee river valley to the south as this system. the good news is it's a quick mover. it's not going to dump a lot of snow or ice. but with cold temperatures like this, it's really going to make for some problems. generally about 3 to 6 inches of snow around the great lakes. where we're really concerned, though, from nashville to fayetteville, greenville on into elizabeth city, we're talking about icing conditions. about a tenth of an inch, some areas a quarter of an inch. quarter of an inch or more, you can bring down power lines and trees. less than that it's still going to cause problems at airports with deicing of planes and roadways. that's your local weather. we'll get to your local forecast after this message. ♪ the cold-water climate, it's a habitat for quality fish to come out of this ocean. ♪ this is wild fish. it's the best fishing i know of.
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♪ and it's a quality mcdonald's expects. ♪ you made it to friday. good morning to you. 7:14. a live look at mostly cloudy conditions. we have thick pockets of fog out there. this is san jose. you can see the drive is slowing down. we'll check on the particles for that with mike in just a moment. today's highs even with showers on the radar 68 degrees in gilroy. 64 in los gatos. unsettled pattern through the weekend. a few more showers tomorrow morning. >> that's your latest >> that's your latest weather. willie? >> al, thanks a lot. more puzzle pieces falling into place in the manti te'o girlfriend hoax. the football player spoke out in his first on-camera interview, and for the first time we're hearing the voice he believed to be lennay kekua.
7:15 am
we have the latest. >> good morning, willie. a famous college football player falls in love with a girl he never meets. it's all on line, a girl who dies tragically while he plays on at her request. and a legend is born. only the legend is born out of a lie.manti te'o told katie couri, the girl never existed. when manti te'o told katie couric the love of his life turned out to be the picture of a stranger used without suspicion and the hoax of a voice, that could measure his credibility. >> what i went through was real. the feelings, the pain, the sorrow, that was all real. and that's something that i can't fix. >> te'o said this man, another stranger he says he never met named ronaiah tuiasosopo admitted to him last week he authored the hoax. but te'o said any doubts he's
7:16 am
had about the girlfriend he knew about lennay kekua were swept aside by her battle against leukemia and his need to stick with her. she talked about getting chemo and voicemails from a woman who remands unidentified. >> i'm getting ready for my first session and just want to call to kheil keep you posted. i miss you, love you. bye. >> when he was told last september she died the same day his grandmother died, she left this message the night before. >> just pd to say i love you and good night. i'll be okay tonight. i love you. sweet dreams. >> playing through his grief made te'o more than a top player. it made it almost an impossible process until the story broke in the media a month later. >> what are you going to think? what are you going to tell everybody who followed you, who you inspired. what are you going to say? >> a terrible dilemma for
7:17 am
somebody so young and inexperienced seemingly incredible. >> he seemed to come across as quite authentic and is a person for whom integrity is important. in that sense doesn't come across as a sociopath or a liar. >> he did repeat one lie, he admitted, saying he met the tragic girlfriend who never existed. but his parents who appeared with him said they knew him and believed him. >> he did exactly what i would expect. a responsible, respectful young man to do. >> a 21-year-old kid trying to be a man, and i love him. >> and what about the womanly voice that te'o fell in love with? there are conflicting reports about that. one is that it was tuiasosopo himself behind it, one that it was one of his cousins. a mystery still unsolved in this story. willie? >> mike with us from los angeles this morning. part of you thinks, my god, this
7:18 am
was a naive young man who could have fallen into this trap, but then you wonder, how could he not have known on some level? >> you know what, he's 21. he probably led a little more of a shelt eered life. it's a little bit different for us. >> and when you hear that voice, it sounds like a woman. >> beautiful woman. >> without that first cup of coffee. exactly. you never know. we want to move on now to decades of kennedy history that are about to hit the auction block. a personal collection of photos, artifacts and mementos from one of kennedy's trusted advisers. earica hill has a closer look at that. erica, good morning to you. >> good morning, savannah. it's hard to deny the fascination america has with the kennedys, especially president kennedy, 55 years after his death. so it's no surprise that the items that once belonged to the 35th president is creating major buzz. simple moments forever frozen in
7:19 am
time. like these photos from 1963 given to president kennedy's best friend and special assistant dave powers. >> this was given to dave from jackie kennedy. this was given -- it says the day powers gave the president so many of his happiest hours. >> powers was john's confidante for 20 years and remained close to the family until he dade ied 1988. >> this was the actual schedule that was given to dave powers for the november '63 trip to texas. 12:52 park land hospital. 1:00, my president is dead. >> after kennedy's assassination, powers went on to head the kennedy library. the items, more than 700, were part of powers' estate. among the pictures and memorabilia up for auction next month, jfk's famed air force i
7:20 am
bomber jacket. >> this was a president whose presidency affects us still half a century later, and everyone is very much aware of and in many cases mystified by the circumstances of his death. >> each piece tells an intimate story of a president, a husband, a friend, a father. >> this is the birthday card that we have that was given to president kennedy from his son john, which would have turned out to be the president's last birthday. and there it's signed john, xxoo. >> and a piece of history just now being told. and that auction actually happens in massachusetts next month just in time for president's day, savannah. >> all right, erica, thank you. we should mention we'll have some of those items, including jfk's bomber jacket on monday. we look forward to showing you that. coming up, how would like to live in this $2.5 million mansion for free?
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and the other end of the spectrum, could you live in a 300-square-foot apartment, one so small it actually fits in our studio? we're going to try to climb inside. all four of us. >> that's
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there was no competition. every day i get to work with professional hockey players, and when i do my taxes, i want to work with the professional tax software. it is 7:26. good morning. i'm jon kelley. san jose police looking for a group of suspects involved in a deadly stabbing attack. a man was found stabbed multiple times near southside drive and hope street in south san jose last night. four to five men approached the victim and attacked him just before 8:30 last night. police still trying to figure out the motive. >> typically in a gang related incident we'll hear gang epithets being uttered. none of the witnesses report that. we don't know yet. it's too early to tell. >> those suspects were last seen
7:27 am
leaving that scene in a gray colored van. this marks the second homicide in just two days and the third killing of the year in san jose. right now weatherwise christina loren tells us outside something for everybody. >> something for everybody. good morning to you. live picture. this is over the san francisco bay where we are getting sunshine. let's show you san jose. quite the contrary. mostly cloudy conditions and thick low clouds. travel cautiously. even with the rain and the thick low clouds we're going to hit temperatures close to 70 degrees in some cities. got the warmth and the rain. a little bit of something for everyone out there. 68 degrees in gilroy. 64 in los gatos. 67 degrees today in santa cruz. by tomorrow the temperatures will tumble into the mid 50s. stray shower possible saturday morning and sunday morning. mike, what are you tracking? looking bad. >> san mateo bridge and as jon was starting to cut in we do have fire crew that left the scene at the bottom of your screen westbound commute direction there is a minor crash
7:28 am
involving one of the people involved is a pregnant lady and so there was a fire crew there. i saw them checking things out. no major injuries. that's good news. they just left the scene and now just paperwork but slowing as you leave the toll plaza. oakland car fire reported south of here southbound side of the coliseum but nothing really big as far as backup there. here's slowing through fremont and down toward dixon landing road where there's another crash blocking three lanes. back to you. >> tough vision in some places. thanks. we'll have another local news update for you in one half hour from right now. the "today" show coming your way.
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7:30 now on this friday morning. it's the 25th of january, 2013. you can't tell bit picture, but it is 16 degrees here in midtown manhattan. we check out the view from the top of the rocks. bone-chilling snow rolling into a big chunk of the country this morning. i'm savannah guthrie and willie is in for matt this morning. >> also ahead this morning, a family's dream vacation turns into a terrifying nightmare, held against their will and beaten. they will share their story with us. we'll take a turn and ask the question, could you pack all
7:31 am
of your belongings into a 300-square-foot space? we have one of these so-called micro apartments. we actually built it right here in our studio. we're going to take you on a tour and show you some of the ingenius ways that makes this happen. coming up later on "today," we have an exclusive interview live with with it knee hhitney mother cissy. that is monday morning right here on "today." a man who is living rent free in a florida mansion, and it is all legal. nbc's kerry sanders is in boca rat raton, florida. kerry, good morning. >> good morning, willie. this house is valued at $2.5 million. the person here has figured out how to live here rent free and mortgage free. despite the fact neighbors have been complaining, it appears there is very little they can do to get him out.
7:32 am
andre barboa is living in style. he calls this mansion home. it's dpleet wicomplete with a s staircase, gourmet kitchen, marble floors, six bathrooms and stunning views. the neighbors are not happy and they want him kicked out. >> he's a squatter and that can pull a neighborhood down faster than anything. >> but last month barboa filed a claim with the county, cite iin takeover. >> someone abandoned the real estate and someone else said, i'm going to take over that real estate. >> because they have not reported a breaking or entering or trespassing, police say there is nothing they can do. >> it isn't criminal. at this point it's a civil
7:33 am
matter between the owner of the property, who is bank of america, and the people who are occupying it right now. >> barbosa was unavailable for an interview but on his facebook page says, a successful man is one who can lay a firm foundation with the bricks others have thrown at him. i have failed over and over and over again in my life, and that is why i succeed. >> he's simply taken advantage of the fact that the mortgage foreclosure system, if you will, in the state of florida is inundated with foreclosures, and these plaintiffs, these banks and lenders, don't have the manpower to address each individual piece of property. >> reporter: assuming the bank does not step forward, under florida law, the mansion could be barbosa's if he maintains the house and pays the taxes for the next seven years. in a statement, bank of america says it's aware of neighbors' concerns, adding, there is a certain legal process we are required by law to follow, and we have filed the appropriate action.
7:34 am
the bank is taking this situation seriously and we will work diligently to resolve this matter. the taxes on this house is $39,200 a year. experts say this is a growing problem in florida. right here in this county, palm beach county, florida, there have been six adverse possession claims just this month. willie? >> wow. kerry sanders in boca raton. just looking behind you, that man has been living large lately. it looks like this dream may be over. >> i don't think he'll make it to the seven years. it looks like the bank has already asserted its ownership. it looks like the good times will be ending for this young man, but good for him for filing the paperwork. we want to take a turn and get a check of the weather from al. >> the good news is there are probably some other houses he can find. maybe barbara can do that on her
7:35 am
tour, places of adverse property around the country. we have a birthday. what's your name? >> megan. >> northport. >> you're used to the cold there. >> yeah, on long island. >> the wet week ahead, snow in the rockies. look for snow showers in the great lakes, frigid in the northeast, and rain in the southwest. sunday we have more icy conditions in the upper mississippi river valley, more snow in the inner mountains and the northern rockies. wet weather along the pacific north coast, showers along central louisiana, plenty of sunshine up and down the eastern 7:35. you made it to friday. a rough drive. this is san jose. you can vague lly make out the
7:36 am
headlights. sunshine this morning in san francisco. we do have foggy conditions. fog drifting around the greater bay area for the morning. you want to give yourself extra time. through saturday and sunday without dodging showers for most of the weekend. we do have a slight chance for rain saturday morning. don't forget, you can check that weather any time you need it. go to the weather channel on cable or weather, savannah? it was supposed to be an exciting adventure for three american travelers in peru, but they said the vacation turned into a frightening ordeal. contessa brewer traveled to pyre to cover this story. good to see you. >> a man and his wife, his sister from wyoming planned a trip to peru to explore the beautiful countryside. they never expected to be beaten, whipped and held against his will.
7:37 am
>> and they said, yes, it should be fine. >> when did you know there was going to be a problem? >> they started, like, blowing whistles, calling people on cell phones. >> they say suddenly they remember surrounded, villagers demanding their papers. but as experienced travelers, they knew not to give their passports to non-officials. they tried to drive off but villagers blocked the road. jed tried to steer around the rocks but the truck tipped and rolled into a ditch. >> that's when the big rocks start coming in and the windows are starting to smash. >> i got hit really hard in the back of my head, so i was bleeding and at that point we're
7:38 am
yelling at each other and we have to run away because people are trying to kill us. >> then we're just surrounded and there was no more. there's no more running. they were hitting us with rocks very hard. >> in our head. >> in our heads. they're beating us with sticks. >> we're all covered in blood, like all of our clothing is covered in blood. it's just dripping off of us. >> now night. the wolfhams say they were marched to a nearby village where men, women and children began shouting and beating them. >> there were people just coming out and whipping us out of the blue. >> your sister was bleeding, your wife was bleeding. did you think their lives were in danger? >> i was just like, i'm going to see my sister and my wife get probably beaten to death with stones right in front of me right now. >> then an even more terrifying sight. >> at that point you're like, there's three guns, there's three of us. this is it. we're going to die. >> what did you say to each other in that period of time? >> we just said we loved each other. >> i love you, i love you, i
7:39 am
love you. >> a shot was fired but above the captain's head. then suddenly the wolfhams said they sensed a change in their captor's attitude. >> they basically said we'll let you know if you sign this document saying you were drinking and crashed the car into the ditch and that's why your car is so damaged and that's why you have these injuries. >> they signed the document and were finally taken back to their ransacked camper. later police took them for medical treatment. more than 100 stitches among them. we spoke with u.s. officials in peru who expressed surprise over the attack. >> we have not seen anything like this in peru before. this appears to be a very isolated incident. >> peruvian tourism officials met with the wolfhams to apologize. >> we are very sorry and surprised, because this is not commonly common at all here in peru. we hope this will not happen again. >> we spoke with the mayor who insists it was just a
7:40 am
misunderstanding, that the villagers speak the language of ketchua, not spanish, but he can't explain the violence of that attack. the district attorney has the case. it looks like charges are unlikely here, because the wolfhams were given this photo line-up. they said the pictures were very blurry and they weren't able to identify individual attackers. >> what an incredible story. thank you, appreciate it. the new fee you could be hit with this weekend if you use your credit card. second, could you live in a space this small? we'll take you on a tour of microapartments and we kind of built one right here in our studio. we'll show you after this. ♪ mountain-grown aroma coming through ♪ ♪ a new challenge waits for you ♪ ♪ ♪ jumpin' into something new ♪ you really see all you can do ♪
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[ record scratch ] what?! it's not bad for you. it just tastes that way. [ female announcer ] honey nut cheerios cereal -- heart-healthy, whole grain oats. you can't go wrong loving it. back at 7:43. if you know anything about apartments here in new york city, you know they tend to be on the smaller side. some about to get even smaller.
7:44 am
here is nbc's stephanie gosk. >> reporter: in new york city, we live stacked up and forced into some of the smallest apartments in the world. especially in manhattan. >> you know you're blocking the bathroom door. >> reporter: there isn't a lot of space and a lot of people want to live here. mayor michael bloomberg proposed a challenge to the city's best architects. >> there's enormous demand for apartment that is people can afford and are right sized for some. >> reporter: design a space no bigger than 350 square feet into an affordable and comfortable micro apartment. one model looks more like the interior of a boat than a house. the couch is also a bed. a wall doubles as a counter. eric's team won the contest and now gets to build an entire apartment block. >> this administration is trying to offer options to people who are currently priced out. >> reporter: jason sash lives in a micro apartment in manhattan, 250 square feet. that's his only closet.
7:45 am
the average suburban garage is bigger. the secret, he says, is creativity, like removing the kitchen cabinet doors, and minimalism. >> you definitely need to consider each piece of the apartment and make sure it serves multiple purposes and functions. >> each inch? >> each inch of the apartment. >> reporter: there are well-designed small apartments for people, even though people aren't well designed for small apartments. in this city, there is a growing number of people who are looking for them. because space is extremely expensive. consider this comparison. the average price of a square foot in new york city in lincoln, nebraska. gary, indiana. >> every year, i say that is as high as it can go. every year, i'm wrong. >> reporter: leonard steinburg has been a real estate in new york for years. >> you can make the spaces very useable. >> reporter: useable is all what
7:46 am
most new yorkers are looking for. after all, it's everything outside their apartment that made them move here in the first place. for "today," stephanie gosk, nbc news, new york. >> how do you live in one of those places? eric boonguet decrsigned one of those apartments. this is the entrance to 300 square feet. i'm standing in an apartment and i don't see a bed. where is the bed, eric? >> the way my partner and i design this had, this is a tool box, that's your canvas. this is what we give you. this is what you do with it. >> al and natalie will show us how this desk becomes a bed. see it? that's clever. >> i can see that. >> and you guys do other adaptations if you want to live this way. while we're talking, we'll let al and natalie do this. >> al and natalie are doing all
7:47 am
the wiork. >> that's true. they'll turn it into a table that could work for a dinner party, right? >> that's one option. >> this is a small apartment people in new york can understand the need for. do you think it's a concept that has portability, that you might want to do in other places? >> increasing urbanization, like in china, same pressures are there. not enough space, too much value of land. we'll have to adapt. >> eric, who lives in an apartment like this a young single person? >> mayor bloomberg mentioned young people. people quickly corrected him, elderly people. people are leaving messages, sending e-mails, can we get in a lottery? we would love to live in one of these apartments. >> there's not a lot of space to have people over for dinner, but you say common space will be more important? >> as an architect, our role is to at least expand the lives of people who live in small spaces of new york. a lot of public spaces in the building. we see it as an expanded house really. >> that kitchen, it's a good
7:48 am
sized kitchen for new york. not too bad. what about storage? where do i put my -- >> in savannah's case, she could just use this kitchen. >> exactly. >> where do you put your stuff? >> when we first moved to new york, we lived in 350 square feet. we know that problem. 16 feet of linear storage, size of a station wagon up there, not here. >> you think you could do it? >> this is better than my first apartment. >> you have thought of everything, eric. thank you. >> well done. speaking of efficiency, kochling up, our morning routine secrets to get you out the door in a flash. one of the most creative y ways to order food we've ever come across. first these messages. [ male announcer ] i've seen incredible things. otherworldly things. but there are some things i've never seen before. this ge jet engine can understand 5,000 data samples per second. which is good for business.
7:49 am
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7:52 am
about ways to save time in the morning. got us thinking. drink a large glass of water the second you wake up. natalie, you say you do that. >> i do do that, especially if i've had some wine the night before. >> what's it supposed to do, boost your energy? >> i drink it with supplements, vitamins or whatever. it helps rev you up in the morning, rehydrate you and some say boost your energy. >> some viewers tweeted, brush your teeth in the shower, lay out your clotheses the night before. and willie set the world on fire. >> shave the night before. >> you can. you don't have a hair problem. >> so you have to shave in the morning? >> we're like weeds. >> if you knick yourself, you can recover quicker. if you knick yourself at 4:00 in the morning -- >> it's kind of embarrassing but i drink instant coffee and i find it delicious, brought to you by starbucks. >> you don't actually use a cup.
7:53 am
>> that's my next step. >> she mainlines coffee. >> that is strong, good instant coffee and i can make it really fast. >> on that buzz feed list, people say take a bath rather than a shower, it's quicker because you don't get your hair wet. >> it takes time. >> you're in there for an hour. >> dirty bath water. >> we know how natalie feels about it. >> apparently. >> we're back after your local news, by the way. honey! we're pregnant! what? we're pregnant! we're pregnant? yeah! you're going to be a mom! you're going to be a dad! there's a little baby in there? there's a human being growing inside your stomach? yeah! now what? i don't know? what? introducing huggies mommy answers. the best advice in one place. from the brand new moms trust.
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7:56 am
right now it's 7:56. good morning. i'm jon kelley. a morgan hill middle schooler sending a school message to students this morning. bullying will not be tolerated. a 13-year-old at britton middle school has now been arrested for allegedly bullying two other 13-year-old students. this has happened over the past few months. investigators say the student harassed at least two classmates verbally and physically even shooting plastic bbs at them. a school resource officer warned the boy to stop but he ignored all of the warnings and the school principal now says the arrest is meant to send a strong message especially when teachers and parents want to keep students safe on campus. >> if kids could just stop for a minute before they hit send, before they say that extra word, before they repeat that extra bit of gossip about how it feels when it comes around to them.
7:57 am
>> that student has also been disciplined by the school. right now we are friday. let's check out the weather outside and going into the weekend. christina loren tells us a lot of things going on. >> a lot of things happening. good morning to you, jon. let's start with good. sunshine over the san francisco bay. this picture coming to us from high atop san bruno mountain. just a beautiful start to the day. i want to thank our technical operations center for getting us beautiful shots. a lot of people working behind the scenes. in santa rosa, you have areas where you can only see for a couple hundred feet. give yourself ample time. highs today will be comfortable. 68 degrees in gilroy. a few showers tomorrow morning. let's check that drive with mike. >> had to line this shot up myself. thanks, mark. 880 through fremont is slow. this is the jam. map shows you down toward dixon landing road backed up. there was a sig-alert that cleared up. slow south through hayward and into union city.
7:58 am
jon, back to you. >> we'll be back at 8:26 with another local update. hope to see you then.
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ i want everything on it except no lettuce no none of that i just want cheese and can i get some fries with that please ♪ >> t now, that is the way to order yourself some fast food. these young men have gotten together, and this is, i guess, the drive-thru rap. one way to get attention at the window. >> that's the bk rap. >> i'm surprised you knew that. if i lived to be 1,000 years old, i wouldn't know that. >> i'll tell about you it later. >> good morning. i'm savannah guthrie next to willie and al roker.
8:01 am
your guide to everything to do this weekend. >> we've got it all covered. there's one called "movie 43." have you heard about this? >> no. >> it seems like every movie star on the face of the earth has gotten together in one movie. we're trying to figure out what it's about. we'll try to get to the bottom of that. also, fashion from one of the most celebrated designers in the world. have you heard about this new surcharge you might get if you use your credit card over the weekend? it has a lot of people upset. other things on the friday frugal find. a grandma getting some baby news to a true show of spor sportsmanship. we want you to know we have a new champ this morning. we will bring you that, coming up. but first let's get a check of the top stories. natalie morales is at the news de desk. natalie, good morning again. >> good morning, everyone.
8:02 am
a new rally has pushed stock markets to new levels. last week unemployment was at a five-year low, and housing prices and sales are up, along with applications for building permits. in washington, president obama sent wall street a message that he plans to put more pressure on rule breakers by appointing federal prosecutor mary jo white to head the exchange commission. he also made rules to loosen the political gridlock. manti te'o said the voice message he received from an on-line girlfriend the night before she supposedly died convinced him she was real and that she was dying from leukemia. >> i just wanted to say i love you and good night, and i'll be okay tonight. i love you so much, hun. sweet dreams.
8:03 am
>> te'o said he set aside any thoughts that the girl could be a hoax because he said she needed his emotional support. federal investigators said the boeing 787 dreamliner battery that caught fire earlier this month in bostonshort-circud a chemical reaction that can cause short increases. the faa has grounded all six dreamliners operated by other carriers after another battery failure forced an emergency landing in japan. now for a look at what is trending today. a quick look at what has you talking on line. sports fans investigating rumors that tiger woods and lindsey vaughn are dating made the top search on yahoo last night. reports are buzzing that tiger is romancing the divorced vaughn. vaughn has been competing and has no comment. a fast food rap serves up
8:04 am
entertainment at a drive-thru window, and it led to this video. >> oh, yeah, want a frosty and make it vanilla. and joe, if you spill that, i swear i'll kill ya. but that's a different story. i want a quarter pounder with a large fry. i want some chicken nug gets. >> with barbecue sauce. >> the wendy's employees liked their rap so much they gave them all their food for free. president obama's second inauguration has been reworked in hilarious fashion by the bad lip-reading team. >> repeat after me. >> i'm proud to say your mama took a cosby sweater. >> i'm proud to say your mama took a cosby sweater. >> elvis presley had sex appeal. >> elvis presley had sex appeal. >> i'll brush on my sassy face.
8:05 am
>> i'll brush on my sassy face. >> there's two different einsteins. >> there's two different einsteins. >> i enjoy makeup. >> i enjoy makeup. >> it also provided some makeover of beyonce's national anthem. >> it never gets old. mr. roker across the plaza. >> guess who i have here. i have savannah's youngest fan. what's your name, young lady? >> carly. >> how old are you? >> i'm eight years old. >> you're in the running. i don't know if you're the youngest, but you're in the running. but you are a fan of savannah. >> carly is pretty cute. can i have a hug? >> while she's hugging carly, let's bring you our forecast and show you our pick city of the day. this happens to be beautiful wichita falls, texas.
8:06 am
partly sunny, cool, 55 degrees. as you look on today's map, the afternoon highs, you can see that 32-degree line. to the north of that, that's where we're going to be seeing snow. right along it, that's where we got the icy conditions to the south. we're looking at rain. in fact, we're really worried about these icing conditions from the carolinas back into the central appalachians. wet weather in southern california, rain along the pacific northwest coast. a little snow showers around the northeast, great lakes, on into the mid-atlantic states. beautiful day. southern florida today, 78 in miami, and gracie is now 10. happy birthday, gracie. >> thank you. >> where are you from? >> chicago. >> chicago. a little light snow there. chicago, 343 days with less than having an inch of snow. they have not had anything less than an inch 8:06. you made it to friday. we've got a good looking day shaping up after we get through with this fog. thick fog out there developing.
8:07 am
you can see that drifting by here if you look closely fluff with the naked eye. pretty cool. 8:06. temperatures are going to hit the upper 60s across the board today. 68 in gilroy, 66 in livermore. so a mild day today. tomorrow temperatures tumble. the mid-50s. a slide chance of rain in the forecast for saturday and sunday. >> that's >> and that's your latest weather. >> al, thank you very much. coming up, the credit card surcharge that could go on this weekend. a lot of people upset. >> and pre-grammy coverage right after this. [ male announcer ] let's take every drop of courage, every ounce of inspiration, every bit of determination, and go where we've never gone before. ♪ introducing the radically new avalon.
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8:11 am
♪ remember: righty-tighty, lefty-loosey. the everyday collection. by target. back now at 8:11, what's new, what's up, what's in? everything in fashion and beauty, three people are in the know and are here to fill us in. >> what's new in the entertainment world? tim stacks is a writer for "entertainment weekly." movie 43, bunch of stars in it, bunch of directors, but what's it about exactly? >> unclear. sex jokes and a lot of dirty
8:12 am
comedy. two of the directors of this movie, brett ratner, starring hugh jackman, halle berry, really big crude r rated comedy with all these interconnecting story lines. they've been trying to keep it very secretive because a lot of it is shock value. you don't want to give away like -- oh, there's -- >> maybe that's the point. you have to go see the movie. >> you have to go see it. >> another one out this weekend, big theatrical release "hansel & gretel:witch hunters." why is everything about hunting? >> i know, playing bananagrams. they've grown up, hunting witches for a living like bounty hunters. people love horror movies and it has this, obviously, built in
8:13 am
appeal. >> we have the s.a.g. awards sunday, which will lead up to the oscars. what should we expect? >> i think "lay mishl miserables." it will be a three-way race between "les miserables," "lincoln" and "silver linings playbook." >> that's your banana gram. thank you so much. savannah? >> moving on to what's up, suzanne zuckerman is here. the adele mystery. she didn't want to reveal her son's name. there may be a hint in a necklace she was wearing? >> yes. she was photographed in west hollywood wearing a name plate necklace that said angelo. the mystery of adele's baby name may be solved. >> shakira just had a baby named milan and tweeted out a picture of his feet? >> little newborn feet clad in nike sneakers.
8:14 am
his father is a soccer star. >> is this common, sending out pictures of pieces of their babies? >> little feet in shakira's case. >> lightning round, lady gaga and tony bennett teaming up again. >> jazz album coming our way in the future. >> new fashion line to look forward to. coach is the handbag maybe maker but now will do ready to wear garments? >> women and men's clothing, rebranding themselves. >> and finally whitney houston's mother, cissy, has written a book. sounds like it's a very personal account of what happened to her whitney and her own grief as well. >> it's a really raw, emotional sort of account of the grief that cissy, and the guilt that she really feels about not being able to save her daughter. >> it sounds like it's pretty candid about the struggle that is whitney houston had. >> it ist absolutely is, yes. she talks about going to her house trying to do intervention
8:15 am
upon intervention, but unsuccessfully and that she really couldn't change the course of her daughter's life, which is tragic. >> cissy will be here monday to talk about the book. we look forward to that. suzanne sachraman, thank you. now here's natalie. >> savannah, thank you. some help from jen fallic. >> such a big deal, launching february 10th at target. everybody loves them, the first lady, kate middleton, lady gaga. definitely diverse fans. >> we're seeing some of the fashions here, right? >> fashion, accessories, jewelry, shoes. >> good stuff. next natural lip balms. and these seem to be the new hot thing. >> these are great under $4 a pop. they're like little rubber bouncy balls. inside a really wonderful formula of lip balm, super
8:16 am
hydrating with different flavors. spf. >> kids would love this. comes in a little ball, right? >> yes. >> and in the beauty section, oxygen bubble beauty. what is it with oxygen bubbles helping your skin? >> it's the big new defor example if ier. it clears your pores. as you age you produce less oxygen. your skin can look dull. bliss has a whole line. oxygen bubble mask now a new foundation that i'm hooked on, infused with oxygen. it gives you radiance. >> just air? >> just air. bunch of hot air. >> rose gold jewelry the big deal now. >> it's the metal of the moment. it mixes well with other metals. it can be feminine or chunky and men's wear inspired. under $100. so many different styles. you get to wear silver, get to wear gold. >> can mix it all up, okay.
8:17 am
ladies, you're going to love this. the bikini, apparently on its way out, sort of. >> one piece is in. >> we saw celebrities wearing this, right? >> beyonce, kim kardashian. you saw it on the one ways. it can be super sexy. >> a little bit more demure, but if you're going is somewhere warm, you'll love these. how to save on your super girl parties, and how you could pay more on your credit card this weekend. more after this. what's that? oooh.
8:18 am
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8:20 am
>> announcer: "today's" money is brought to you by bank of americ america. >> we're back now at 8:20 with "today's" money. it is frugal friday. we've got tips to help you get the most bang for your buck and a new warning about credit card fees. jean chatzky is "today's" financial editor. good morning. >> good morning. nice to see you. >> good to see you. retail therapy is real, especially in the winter. >> that's right. >> people feeling down, they go out shopping. we've got numbers to back it up. 36% of people surveyed in one poll said they're most likely to shop during the winter season in pursuit of retail therapy. >> this is the new survey done for folks from coupon cabin. what we've learned is that it actually works. when you go out and spend a little bit of money, it makes
8:21 am
you feel better, at least in the short term. the trick is, you only want to spend a little bit of money. because you don't have to make a big splurge in order to bring on those happy feelings. so, if you're a woman, you might end up at sephora, grab a new nail polish or nail art f you're a guy, head to brookstone and get one of these that can tie your shoe laces or key finder. i'm going to chocolate. that's what makes me happy. >> you feel a little bit better about yourself, but resist the urge to go big. >> none of this chocolate, for example, is more than $12. >> good to know. i'm glad you're bringing this up this morning. starting sunday people may start to see new fees on their credit card bill. >> surcharges, imposed by the retailer, up to 4% of what you are spending on anything essentially. we've seen this in other countries, australia has been
8:22 am
through this. the uk has been through this. and we don't expect that the surcharges will hit immediately. they'll start to roll out slowly, likely for things like airlines, hotels, utilities, taxis. they're going to have to tell you when they impose a surcharge. you'll see a sign, if you're shopping online, you'll see a notice. you'll know that's a really good time to use your debit card or pay cash. >> pay cash if you can? >> yeah. >> super bowl time, a week from sunday. people do two things. >> they eat. >> and watch tv. >> you can get good deals on both. over at chipotle, if you buy six or more burritos on super bowl sunday, you'll be able to get a free burrito, burrito bowl or tacos. >> love it. >> me, too. whole food, happy chickens, by the way. they wanted me to point out there are no antibiotics. bucket of 54 wings for $7.99. they come in a variety of
8:23 am
flavors. at your grocery store, from kroeger, $12.99, an assortment of platters. we're just showing you two of them. >> does it make sense to go out and buy a big tv for super bowl? i never understood that. >> two times a year when televisions are cheaper, the first is at christmas. the second is actually on super bowl sunday. this year the folks at deal news have noted we're seeing especially good deals on the really big tvs. at, sony bravia, which doesn't sound incredibly low but it's loaded with features. lg for $699 and a sake, which i keep wanted to call sako. >> head to and click on frugal friday. savannah? >> okay, willie. bring the wings over.
8:24 am
new drama "deception" and a memorable role in a golden globe winning movie "argo." the whole cast is up for a screen actor's guild award this weekend. >> i know. i'm flying back out there tomorrow, on the red eye. >> good times. ben affleck directs. you starred with his wife for many years. >> it's increstuous. it's paid off. >> you're the godfather of their child. >> seraphina. "argo" is a good movie. i'm so proud of it. and i'm so proud of ben. he's amazing. >> my daughter has loved the show "deception," telling her friends about it. you play a wealthy person in this show, but we're not quite sure whether you're a good guy or a bad guy. >> no one is what they seem to be. >> you put the deceive in "deception." >> it's a great show. i'm having such a good time
8:25 am
doing it. i love the cast. jay donovan, also in "argo" plays my son and megan good. >> -- fantastic. >> just the best. really smart and entertaining. >> and john laroquette is back. good guy, bad guy? he play as a good bad guy. >> people are doing things, thinking they're doing the right thing. >> it must be fun to play someone with complexities. >> yeah. let's face it, we're all a little complex. >> twisted and tortured, i might say. >> not you, though. >> no. present company excluded. victor, it's great to have you here. >> thank you so much. >> you can catch "deception" monday nights 9:00, 10:00 central time right here on nbc. today's top clicks.ek?
8:26 am
you're watching "today in the bay." >> it is 8:26. good morning. i'm marla tellez. just a few hours from now, a california state senator will introduce a bill to change the way the state deals with wildlife. the proposal stems from last month's shooting of two mountain lion cubs. the 4-month-old cubs were shot after they were found hiding underneath a porch. the new bill would require game wardens to use nonlethal means when dealing with mountain lions in suburban areas unless there's an imminent threat to human life. it would also authorize wardens to work with local zoos and wildlife groups to care for injured or orphaned mountain li lions. mike's checking problems on the road in fremont. >> yeah. we had this crash south 880 at
8:27 am
dixon lang road in milpitas. the signal cleared relatively quickly, we do have this slowdown continuing for fremont. the southbound side with the arrow is slow. down toward mission boulevard. continuing down nearly toward 237. the south bay, you have your northbound on routes 880. that orange is the fog and there's 87 at that time downtown, marla, back to you. >> thank you so much. we'll be back in about 30. see you again at 8:56. leave you with a live look at shots around the bay area including the bay bridge toll plaza.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
8:30 now on this friday morning, january 25th, 2013. if we said it once, we've said it 1,000 time this is week, it's cold here on rockefeller plaza. >> more whine with that. >> yes. let's face it, we're inside studio 1a. hi, guys. do you blame us? >> yes, they do. >> we say good morning to them. i'm savannah guthrie alongside willie geist, who is in for
8:31 am
matt, and natalie morales and al roker. top clicks of the week, including one woman who has an over the top reaction to becoming a grandmother. she's really excited. >> we have some good ones this week. what can you learn from someone's refrigerator? a look inside some famous fridges. our first brave souls, tori spelling and her husband, dean mcdermott. >> i would not let anyone look inside my refrigerator. >> wine. >> wine. >> i could never have that refrigerator. >> great discipline. makeup star bobbi brown helps some women in our crowd put their best faces forward and she'll share three tips every woman needs to know. later, how to get an upgrade when you travel on everything from your flight, your hotel to your rental car. >> lots to get to. first a check of this weather. let's look at the weekend ahead, starting with tomorrow. we'll be looking at wet weather through the southwest, snow in the central rockies, wet along the pacific northwest coast,
8:32 am
sunny, but cold in the northeast. midatlantic states, nice and mild through the gulf coast. sunday, sunday, icy conditions in the mid and upper mississippi river valley. rain into the lower mississippi river valley. look for more showers in the pacific northwest. we expect to see that warmth continuing down into the southeast on into florida, but it stays cold here in the northeast on into new england. that's what's g 8:32 on a friday morning. just a beautiful live picture to show you over the city by the bay. highs are going to be comfortable today actually ending up in the mid to upper 60s across the board. san jose 65 degrees, 68 in gilroy and 67 degrees today in santa cruz. as we get into your weekend, we'll keep a very slight chance for showers in the mix for the first part of your saturday, maybe a stray shower on sunday but the overall pattern will be mostly dry. have a fantastic day. >> get that weather any time you
8:33 am
need it this weekend. go to the weather channel on cable or online. >> thank you, al. to "today's" clicks. our top click from last week. kiddo has the skills dominating the shell game. >> she is good. >> proving cats rule the internet. this makes me feel bad about myself because the cat is smarter than i am. >> i forgot. i don't even know where it is. >> i can't follow it. >> the cat knows. >> there it is. >> she get it is right multiple times. >> that's our big winner from last week. we'll see how long the cat can hold on. >> the cat was arrested and has a ponzi scheme going. >> he's good. very good. click number twochlt i lo. i love this one. very excited grandma-to-be. when she found out her daughter was pregnant with her first child, excited to say the least. >> it's a block. we're having a baby! are you having a baby?
8:34 am
>> that's so wonderful. >> the couple had been waiting for ten years. they've been trying for ten year s to have a baby. and she thinks she's opening up a piece of jewelry and it's a baby block. >> that may have moved to number one on my list. >> i think it must be her husband, what the h. >> watch out, kiddo, grandma's coming for you there. trending fast food, inspiring fast rhymes at a wendy's drive-thru window. ♪ make them all small but keep listening cause no that's not all i'm sorry if i saund a little bit posse io anything else yo just a frosty yeah i want a frosty and make it vanilla and joey if you spill that i swear i'm gonna kill you ♪ >> the person taking the order. >> they liked it. >> what was the song again?
8:35 am
>> microphone singing. >> finally, click number four, great show of sportsmanship. spanish runner had a chance to win a cross country race when kenyan runner abel matai thought he already crossed the finish line but instead pulled up shy. ivan slowed down and guided his competitor to victory. he could have passed him but in the interest of good sportsmanship he said he deserved to win that race and he did because of that display right there. so, again -- >> first of all, how do you not know where the finish line is? >> it's not clearly marked. >> not clearly marked. that's a bad thing for the organizers of that race, i would think. great display of sportsmanship. >> great display. >> choices are smarty cat, the excited grandma to be, the fast food rap and second place.
8:36 am
head to to vote for your favorite. >> we're not allowed to vote, right? >> don't vote but we can -- >> influence the outcome? >> you like grandma. >> i like grandma. >> i don't know if -- fast food rap is pretty good. >> it's hopeless. it's hopeless. up next, three beauty resolutions every woman should make in 2013. first this is "today" on nbc.
8:37 am
8:38 am
back now at 8:38 about today's beauty and makeup. bobby brown is here with easy advice for beauty resolutions. first the bonanza she recently led on the plaza. you shared some quick tips for some lucky ladies. take a look. >> happy january. >> thank you. >> any beauty resolutions or anything you've decided? you're going to wear makeup to work, that's your beauty
8:39 am
resolution? >> yes. before i didn't want to stand out that much at work. >> have you ever thought of lining your eyes? >> i'm afraid of eye liner. >> all right. bobbi team, attention. gel liner please. i'm going to show you how lining your eyes make your eyes stand out. you're not doing it flat, you're doing it on the tip. close your eyes. you start outlining at the outside line. it made your eyes stand out. what if we do something a little bronzy. how did you know? team, bobbi. i'm always in a rush so i always go right to the fingers. oh, yeah. i like that. seems really subtle. have you ever filled in your brows? >> never. >> it's so easy. the best way to fill in your brows is with shadow. use a slanted heart brush. look at how good she looks. >> oh, wow, thank you. >> right? hey! >> wow, you guys are all so
8:40 am
gorgeous. >> thank you. >> anyone have a beauty issue or something they want to resolve this year? >> i need the whole package. >> don't we all. that's why we wear mascara. look in the mirror. see that? >> and this is fun because it gives you color and shine and it takes two seconds. >> thank you. >> right? >> look at all of those pretty ladies on the plaza. >> it was really cold. >> you warmed them up. we have three beauty resoluti s resolutions. starting with number one, clean out your makeup bag. >> clean it out. get rid of things that are broken, that you haven't used. make sure the colors are right. >> mascara should last three
8:41 am
months? >> three to six months and then toss it. things that are broken. it gets all over everywhere. >> if you haven't used it, get rid of it. >> get rid of it. >> cleaning your brushes. >> there's nothing worse than using a makeup brush that's not clean because it doesn't look good on your face. you wipe it off first. you take a thing of water. i thought we had soap in here. let's pretend there's soap. >> what kind of soap? >> you can use brush cleaner. i can use little baby shampoo. you dip your brush in. pretend this is soapy water. then you take off a lot of the moisture and so you need a plain thing of water as well? so you clean it. >> you rinse it in that water. >> you take it and you take your brush, clean it off like this. get all the moisture off and the trick is, don't just put it on a towel because it's going to be mildewy. i like to do it where it's hanging off the counter so it air dries. >> gets its shape back. >> exactly. >> lastly, try something new.
8:42 am
you have bright lipstick color. >> if you don't know what to do, go for a bright lipstick. like you're wearing today -- i won't, i don't look good in bright lipstick. >> i do not. >> let's try one right now. >> go for it. >> i'm not going to do it. >> bobbi brown, thank you for the lesson. coming up next. the side of the stars we rarely see. tori spelling opens up. this is "today" on nbc.
8:43 am
8:44 am
and we're back now at 8:44 with the kickoff of a new series giving you a peek inside some famous for instance. you can tell a lot by someone by what's in their refrigerator. this morning tori spelling and her husband dean mcdermott opened their fridge to "today's" kn
8:45 am
new trishist. this store family is used to having their story unfold. i am pretty sure nobody has ever taken a peek inside their fridge and that's exactly what we're about to do. come on. >> this is liam. >> are you ready to show me your fridge? >> come in. >> there's something intimate about your fridge. it's like looking in my underwear drawer. >> let's do it. wow. this is a great fridge. you have a lot of stuff. >> you have to tell me about these eggs. >> so the green blueish eggs are from our chickens. we have chickens. >> i love this. they're like a new pocket pet. you can literally have a chicken anywhere. >> new york? >> why not? >> all right. >> now i feel like i am going into dean's underwear drawer. oh, what is that?
8:46 am
>> i made a chilly the other day. it's beef shoulder, pork shoulder, and pork belly. that was the leftovers so i'm going to use it for something else. >> okay. we are a meat family. >> i don't mind meat at all. this is so marbled so it freaks me out a little bit. >> you didn't go for the light cheem cheese but when you buy the whipped, the companies automatically incorporate the air. it will drive down the calories. who knew, right? >> what is that beautiful looking spread? look at that color. >> it's a beat hummus. super simple. roasted beats, garlic, white beans, lemon and salt. >> here's my favorite. >> the vigno. >> how important is this for you guys with five children? >> four of which under the age of 6? >> not important to them but to us. >> it's the little eraser on the blackboard of life. >> what are you making? >> we're making purple potato
8:47 am
chips and liam is helping me. kids love color. pop them in. i'm doing a shallow fry. >> what kind of oil are you using? >> i'm using vegetable oil. put them on a paper towel and drain the oil. give them a shake and then into a bowl. >> i'm going to try this with my kids. so much better than anything that comes out of a bag. >> thank you for liking our fridge and giving us a well-rounded fridge. >> before you go you have to meet another part of our family. this is coco, our chicken. >> this is a glamourous chicken. >> she would like to give you an egg for the road. >> thank you. they're so delicious. >> this is really cool. thank you. >> bye, coco. taking my egg. and i guess joy, dean was nice enough to throw open the doors of the fridge. >> oh, my gosh. they were such a beautiful family. they're not about diet food. i rated them a well rounded fridge. they had a little bit of
8:48 am
everything. they were kind enough to give you a big batch of the purple potato chips. >> they're very good. >> i ate potato chips on the air. this is the beautiful red beat hummus. both of these recipes are on the website. >> did they tidy up the fridge? >> it was the real fridge. i opened up the freezer too. i found some octopus. it was a little more messy but packed. >> joy bower, thanks so much. good to see you. from airlines to hotels, simple tricks to help you score an upgrade. up next, a live performance on the rink from olympic silver
8:49 am
8:50 am
today at the rink is brought to you by smukers. with a name like smuk kerr's, it has to be good. this morning on "today at the rink" olympic silver medallist sasha cohen joins us and is going to skate for you. >> good morning. it's freezing. >> it's cold for a skater. >> it is. we're used to 35. it's quite below this. >> in 2005 you've won silver. you've been busy skating doing other things. what are you up to? >> i'm attending columbia university. i just have my own line of skates which i'm promoting at nationals. i'm busy loving new york.
8:51 am
>> obviously u.s. championships are this weekend. you are a former u.s. champion. anybody you have your eyes on. >> i think ashley wagner is a strong favorite. she trains with my old coach and i'll definitely be rooting for her. >> tell me about the special. barry manilow? >> yes, pandora's unbelievable show. it's this sunday, nbc at 1:00 p.m. don't miss it. >> how much skating do you do now? nothing like training for the olympics. this is something really important for you? >> i've been skating almost every day which i love. people, they're like my family. nothing gets your heart rate up like skating. i try to get out here when i can. >> let's see if our heart rates get up while you skate today. >> i'll turn into an icicle. >> we'll let you get set. >> i am giving you this. it will be a little warmer. >> she's going to skate to "could it be magic" by none other than barry manilow.
8:52 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
8:53 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
8:54 am
♪ ♪ beautiful. sasha cohen, thank you so much. >> this is impressive. making it from the ice rink to here. >> i ran over. i ran and then i changed my shoes and then we won't get into all of that. anyway. >> almost as impressive as sasha cohen herself. now to today's friday flashback. a quick look at the week that was here on "today." inauguration here in washington, d.c. good morning, everyone. i'm san va in a guthrie, alongside matt lauer and al roker. >> we have a great view. the platform where the president will be sworn in and deliver his inaugural address. >> the portrait has changed a lot since their arrival. the president with more gray hair in his hair. >> my fellow americans, we are
8:55 am
made for this moment and we will seize it so long as we seize it together. god bless you, and may he forever bless these united states of america. 2/3 of this nation is under the grips of this blast of cold as temperatures fall and wind chills plummet. >> to think that hillary will get a better reception. >> had you ever heard the name manti te'o. >> up until about a week ago i never met him in my entire life and i never even heard of who he was. >> it's brutal out here. >> you know who's not out here? the weather man. where's al roker. >> he has the world turned upside down. >> do you guys want to come inside? >> come on inside. >> all right. >> courtney, your outfit. >> senior renovation project.
8:56 am
>> it's on. >> what's it like to work for kimora. >> pretty cute. can i have a hug? >> here she is. >> some of us have an inaugural experience a little more memorable than others. >> mr. president. is the weather good? mr. vice president. yes! it is 8:56. good morning. i'm marla tellez. an iconic work of art will be on did i play tomorrow. the girl with the pearl earring is one of five master pieces on loan to the museum. the painting is often referred to as the dutch mona lisa and
8:57 am
has inspired many theories as to who she is. let's take it outside and get a look at the forecast with christina loren. >> good morning to you at home. we still have a thick pocket of fog that will likely be the case around the next two hours, then that fog will start to clear. we're slated to hit the mid-60s today. 63 at the coast. a few showers tomorrow morning.
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
back now with more of "today" on this friday morning, the 25th day of january, 2013. another bone chiller here in the northeast. getting ready for a little snow to come our way later today. i'm willie geist along with savannah guthrie, natalie morales and al roker. let's get right to today's take. a lot of people talking about the first on-camera interview with manti te'o. he did it with katie couric yesterday. he admitted that after he learned of the hoax in december, he misled reporters and his parents into thinking he met his girlfriend in person. obviously, that never happened. he said he was embarrassed, quite frankly. he came out and just said i knew it, i was humiliated. i had gone so far down this road. >> what would you do in that
9:01 am
situation? >> i didn't know how to turn back. also yesterday we got our first sound of the voice of the woman who turns out to be a man. >> maybe. >> who we thought was the girlfriend lennay kekua. >> i just wanted to say i love you and good night and i'll be okay tonight and i love you so much. sweet dreams. >> sounds like a girl. >> it sounds like a girl. >> and then he came out of that sound bite and asked katie, does that sound like a girl to you? she agreed it did sound like a girl. the lawyer representing this guy, ronaiah tuiasosopo, admits that his client impersonated the voice of lennay. >> there's some controversy over that as well. the post is reporting that it was, in fact, ronaiah tuiasosopo's cousin. it gets more convoluted. >> when do you think people have had enough of this whole thing? >> people are more done with it than we are. i think folks are ready to move on. >> what's fascinating about it is sort of the question of how much do we live our lives online
9:02 am
and how much are we willing to sort of suspend reality when it comes to certain things? in this case you saw a very, perhaps, naive young man who got duped, the dupe of the century. >> wow, dupe of the century. >> if, in fact, tuiasosopo guy is the person on the other end of the phone, can you imagine the sickness of doing that, of pretending for that length of time you are someone else? sickness, pretending you're someone else for that long? >> apparently he has done it before. >> and apparently the two did meet. there was video of the two at a game. >> ronaiah and manti te'o. >> the more you hear, the more confusing it gets. >> yeah. >> we haven't reached much clarity. there has been a question floating out there. if, in fact, manti te'o's story was concocted to conceal his sexual orientation. katie asked him about that yesterday. >> are you gay? >> no. far from it. far from that. >> so that is something that had been out there, that perhaps he
9:03 am
had been talking to tuiasosopo on the forephone all these years and was looking to conceal it. but faking the death of a girlfriend is an awfully long way to go. >> can we shut that one? >> please. please. >> okay. let's go to our take two, separate but equal is the question here. golden globes last week, s.a.g. awards this weekend, oscars coming up. gender-neutral categories at award shows are losing favor in some quarters of hollywood, some actress already flaut that distinction by calling themselves actors. should all the performances be lumped into one category? >> no. >> for best actor, men and women in one category? >> no. >> it would make the show shorter. >> even the actors or actresses, however you want to say, they're point i pointing out that it's very different being a woman in hollywood, that there aren't as many roles. sally field, naomi watts said so
9:04 am
many great roles written for men. women are at a disadvantage when it comes to volume. >> what's the idea, though? what's the movement behind having the categories come together? >> performance of the year would be daniel day lewis or whomever. >> why can't you say meryl streep was better than another -- for me, it allows more people to be recognized. >> sure. >> five in one, five in another. it makes the show better. >> what are you going to do, add dogs into it, too? >> would have been up there. take three is one that's got natalie and savannah really worked up. this is a medical time-out at the australian open. victoria azaranka, thursday during the semi final match in the open against american teen sensation sloane stevens, she was granted a, quote, medical time-out, which lasted ten minutes. >> technically, there were two medical time-outs together. a six minutes and then another
9:05 am
four minutes was tacked on because apparently she had a stitch in her rib, she couldn't breathe. >> i don't think it's very common. >> then she had a knee problem as well. actually, the people in tennis world say it's becoming sort of a trend. stevens, the american player, said it's kind of happening more and more often. >> i'm surprised at that. i watch a lot of tennis, i have watched a lot of tennis. i can't remember a medical time-out. usually they just kind of play through the pain. >> the injury, right. >> i guess the accusation here is that victoria did it because she was losing on her serve at that point. >> still ahead in the game, 5-3. but she was losing momentum. she was losing her serve during one point in the match and so it kind of broke up that point. at the time -- she even said after the match she felt like she was overwhelmed after the whole game even though she ended up winning, 6-1, 6-4. and then went on to win the final. >> i often wondered why then the don't have time-outs during
9:06 am
tennis. >> break for lunch. subway foot long or whatever it is. and then go back and you play. >> a lot of people in the tennis world are crying foul, though. they are saying she maybe bent the rules by calling these medical time-outs. medical personnel do have to come and check them out and take their word for it. >> i would think that the medical person would raise a red flag if they felt that the person -- >> it's so subjective if she says my back hurts and you say no it doesn't? >> we talk about bad sportsmanship, on the soccer fields, barely get tapped. oh, my elbow! >> that's called acting. >> the floppers. >> performance of the year by natalie morales. >> by the way, she won easily. >> she did. 6-1, 6-4. >> she wouldn't need to fake an injury. in the news this morning, u.s. economy is showing news signs of recovery. week-long rally has pushed stock prices to prerecession levels, number of americans applying for
9:07 am
unemployment benefits fell. housing prices and sales are now back up along with the number of applications for building permits. in washington, president obama sent wall street a message that he plans to put more pressure on rule breakers by appointing former federal prosecutor mary jo white to head the securities and exchange commission. the president also praised leaders in the senate for approving changes in the senate rules last night to reduce political gridlock. a bill was also introduced in the senate thursday to ban assault weapons. major changes to school athletic programs could be on the way. department of education is telling schools that students with disabilities must be included in sports programs or an equal alternative must be provi provided. mark zuckerberg has a friend in chris christie, facebook ceo is hosting a political fund-raiser in his california home last next month for the new jersey governor. is he up for re-election this fall. a spokesperson says zuckerberg
9:08 am
and his wife admire christie on his education policies. he donated $100 million to schools. imagine who will get lance's seven titles from the tour de france if you eliminate all the other cyclists who used performance enhancers? take a look. >> finally, i have won seven tour de frances. >> in an era of cyclists guilty of doping, there was one man who didn't use performance-enhancing drugs, the brother of a skilled french cyclist. this man is the newly named winner of lance armstrong's seven tour de frances. >> and if you think you know who that guy is that, of course, is snl alum horacio sanz. >> basket on the front, too. >> that's a good one. one person out there
9:09 am
couldn't care less whether or not beyonce lip synced the national anthem. this is 3-month-old juliana. and there's only one way to soothe her crying jags. >> okay? ♪ >> she love that is beyonce. for those new parents, it may be music to your ears. >> millions of parents right now are probably racing to get the beyonce record. >> we'll try it. >> nice little counter pr for beyonce, the sound of her voice heals human suffer iing. thank you so much. let's check in with al for a look at the weather. >> hey. >> what are you wearing, al? >> it's a wearable knapsack. >> like a snuggy? >> sort of like a snuggy, or i'm
9:10 am
going as a pickle. one or the other. it's got arms. you can -- in other words, you can be in your tent, get up, go outside, do whatever and come back. and there you have it. i like the side view. that's much better. let's show you what's going on right now. ooh, boy. we've got a system coming in to the north of it a lot of snow from sioux-st. mary maria. icy conditions. to the south that have, we're looking at rain. generally one to three inches of snow along the great lakes, about three to six inches. even the appalachians will see some. big problem will be the icing from nashville into fayetteville, elizabeth city. some that have ice could be up to a quarter inch thick, causing big, big problems. that's what's well, we do have some thick pockets of fog out there.
9:11 am
less than a quarter mile visibility in concord and up in santa rosa. travel carb oisly up there. you may have to use your windshield wipers because of the drizzle out there. count on a slick commute this morning. temperatures will be mild. 67 inland, 63 at the coast. as we head into the first part of your weekend, a few showers on saturday, then dry conditions sunday afternoon. isolated showers possible. >> how stupid do you guys look? >> ridiculous. >> you have to stand up. >> so sexy. >> what's the occasion? >> that is so sexy. >> i'm not sure i understand completely. >> work it. work it. >> you wear this on a camp site? >> no, no. you wear this to work. >> yeah, on a day like today, our viewers could use these, i'm sure. they would like those. actually, the polar camping, you could wear it camping, making your s'mores. tailgating at a football game, even in the summertime.
9:12 am
>> summertime? >> like it's a little cool at night if you're camping. >> they have these things called jackets. >> i like it better than the snuggy. it doesn't give you that static electricity. >> natalie is pulling it off. looks good. >> i like this. i won't say what you look like. >> looks like we're in a cult. >> we've got to get these off. >> it is very warm, i'll tell you that. you must be 200 degrees in there. >> feel pretty good. it's nice. how to get a travel upgrade. do not show up wearing this. later, stylish storage for what's that? oooh.
9:13 am
i like "success." joy. i got cracker chips. [ laughing ] chocolatey pretzel. mmmm.... special k! [ female announcer ] snack and stay on track with special k. i like "confidence." i am a confident lady. [ laughter ] i feel more inspired. more positive. [ male announcer ] only lipton adds fresh-pressed tea leaves to its new great tasting blend. drink new lipton and you'll be surprised how great you feel. ♪ ♪ every little thing has meaning ♪ [ female announcer ] we always make our kraft singles with milk,
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9:16 am
>> announcer: "today's" travel is brought to you by venture card from capital one. earn travel rewards you can actually use. get an upgrade. nilu motamed is from travel and leisure magazine. with some of these, it gives you a bit of an edge. >> we do have a bit of an edge. there are tips that are nonsensical. that's why they make sense to use them all the time. >> choose your frequent flyer program carefully. >> this is an interesting one. why not use an airline that is actually headquartered where i live? in fact, do the opposite. choose an airline that isn't headquartered close to you. you won't be fighting with all those other elite passengers who are trying to use their loyalty points and, therefore, getting upgrades. you're more likely to get the upgrade. >> check into your hotel later in the day. >> the early bird does not catch the worm in this case. check in later in the day it's
9:17 am
more likely there's upgrade inventory left, more likelihood that you're going to get that upgrade. >> and if you get an upgrade you're more likely to come back? >> word of mouth is a big deal with hotels. >> you also say stay at a larger or new hotel or larger new hotel. >> that's the best of both worlds. they are really going to sink or swim on how people like them. they are more likely to give you an upgrade, make sure you like your experience, make sure you come back. three suites versus 30 suites, you're more likely to get an upgrade if you have the flexibility of the number of rooms to pick from. >> use your online resource. there's so many. >> there are. we're trained to go online to book the lowest fair esest fare. what about freebies? priceline has everything from hotel breakfast, hotel upgrades and spa credits.
9:18 am
they had over 300,000 freebies on it's a great place to start. >> you have to know about them to get them. >> that's why you go right there. >> then you say a lot of these hotels and airlines have partnerships. does that make a difference? >> big, big difference. when you're booking your hotel, mention you have a aaa membership or aarp card. that could make a big difference. even your credit card, visa signature, for example. that gives you automatic upgrades at 800 hotels worldwide. >> before we keep going, if you go online, going back to the online thing, you see these review sigtes. how do you know, or is there a tool you can use, to know whether these reviews are real or fake? >> you have to use the law of averages. when you go to the review sites and see there's mostly good reviews it's likely the property is mostly doing a good job. if you see there's only a few
9:19 am
good reviews, then you have to take your chances. i think there are a lot of algorithms for those websites and make sure the consumer is protected. none of us want to feel like we're being duped. >> absolutely. and you also say, this is old fashioned, just ask. >> just ask. special occasion, mention it. if you just, you know, have -- if you just want to see if they have an availability. one thing to keep in mind, the person who is at the front desk doesn't have a ton of flexibility. so certainly be nice to them. certainly be polite as always. and incredibly, actually, recently when we're renting a car, my husband is a tall guy. we end up with a tiny little car and said, listen, is there anything else you have? we literally ended up with an escalade for the price of a ford focus. >> be nice. >> always. i think if all else fails, be nice. whether they give you what you want or not. long term, you think about it, they have the ability to mark you in the system as somebody
9:20 am
that they want to give upgrades to or not. every step of the way, be nice, be polite, be cordial. they're working really hard to make sure they give you the best hospitality experience possible. >> nilou motamed, thank you. she's always nice. >> thank you all purchases, plus a 50% annual bonus. and everyone likes 50% more... [ midwestern/chicago accent ] cheddar! yeah! 50 percent more [yodeling] yodel-ay-ee-oo. that's where tots come from. [ male announcer ] the capital one cash rewards card gives you 1% cash back on every purchase plus a 50% annual bonus on the cash you earn. it's the card for people who like more cash. 50% more spy stuff. what's in your wallet? this car is too small. what's in your wallet? sleep in my contacts. relax... air optix® night & day aqua contact lenses are approved for up to 30 days and nights of continuous wear, so it's okay to sleep in them. visit for a free 1-month trial.
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9:24 am
. we are looking for "today" stars of tomorrow. do your kids have what it takes, a singing sensation? perhaps he or she has moves like a mini jagger. >> or the next picasso, houdini? we want to know. we may be able to showcase their talents right here on "today." >> here is what you need to do to enter "today's" stars of tomorrow, head to we can't wait to see all those talented kids out there. everybody thinks their kids are talented but there are really special talented kids. >> from the inauguration to a
9:25 am
psych ic video. this week's pop culture moment. first your local news and weather. ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] take the special k challenge. lose up to six pounds in two weeks. with the cereal you love... and so much more. what will you gain when you lose? dyouth code dark spot correcting jskincare from l'oreal. 86% of women saw less dark spots. 90% of women saw improvement in skins overall appearance. treat dark spots. youth code from l'oreal paris. pleeeeeeeease... [ female announcer ] betty crocker fruit flavored snacks. pleeeeeeeease... less than 100 calories
9:26 am
and made with real fruit pleeeeeeeease... thanks mom! [ female announcer ] betty crocker fruit flavored snacks. good morning. it is 9:26. i'm marla tellez. school officials in berkeley are working on safety measures for students but those could come with a very big price tag. the board has approved kshts with two companies, one that specializes the threat assessment and another that focusing on disaster preparedness. the school district plabs to spend about a half million dollars on safety improvements. the plan is in response to the deadly shooting at sandy hook elementary school in newtown, connecticut, last month. in san jose we've learned one man is in custody but two others are still at large following a home invasion robbery in one of the safest neighborhoods. the three men forced their way
9:27 am
into a home in almaden valley monday night. they ransacked the house and tied up the elderly couple inside then left in the couple's two cars. those cars were found on wednesday. coming up after the break, we'll take a look at the forecast and the roads.
9:28 am
welcome back. the time is 9:28. want to show you a beautiful live picture here, but this is as high as we can get for you this morning. this is high atop san bruno mountain overlooking the san francisco bay. we do have thick low clouds. i want to show you how far your visibility has been reduced. down to a mile and three quarters in san jose. 2 miles that's it in livermore and a quarter mile in santa rosa. travel cautiously. we're expecting the fog to burn off in the next couple of hour. once it does so the sun will bring the temperatures to upper 60s today. 68 degrees in gilroy. as we head through saturday a
9:29 am
stray shower on sunday as well. but next week looking overall mostly dry. let's check on the drive. good morning, mike. >> good morning. you do see haze and low clouds but visibility is fine. over a mile of visibility. that's plenty of stopping time. nice flow here. the map shows you just north of 680, that's where the red starts. a stall just north of 880 and another crash just north of guadalupe. those two things clearing to the shoulder. slow at matilda and slow at the bay bridge, no backups coming towards the toll plaza. >> we'll be back at 9:56 with our next news and weather update.
9:30 am
back now with more of "today" on this kickoff to the weekend, friday morning, january 25th, 2013. just ahead in this half hour, clearing out the clutter. we'll check out stylish storage ideas from your kitchen to your kids' room. >> from president clinton to sneaking a peek at kelly clarkson to the obama girls, we've got the good and the bad. >> it wasn't that bad. >> okay. little looky loo. and always entertaining when we go spanning the world. best part, as always, nobody got hurt. first let's check in with erica
9:31 am
hill and, al, do this for me -- >> lester holt! >> you have a preview of what's coming up this weekend. >> well, in the aftermath of the beyonce lip sync, why grammy winners say they have a hard time singing our national anthem. it's a tough song to sing. first, there was a search for pythons and now wildlife experts are looking for an elusive reptile. why cobbing dial hunters say time is not on their side. why you'll shell out more money for those chicken wings. yes, it's true. and i'm sharing my recipe for homemade mac n cheese. we're not sure if we're calling it cold weather comfort foods but i love to cook cold weather comfort food in these pots. >> what's the secret?
9:32 am
>> lots of cheese. i think it's the cheese blend. >> stuff on top? >> oh, yeah, bread crumbs on top. >> i love the bread crumbs on top. we'll be checking you out this weekend. how about a check of the weather with mr. al roker? >> wet weather in the southwest. snow in the rockies. beautiful day up and down the eastern seaboard. it's going to be chilly. rain in the pacific northwest. making our way to sunday, sunday. icy conditions in the northern mississippi and ohio river valleys. look for sunny, frigid conditions in the northeast on into new england. mild down through the gulf. snow showers in the northern rockies and inner mountain region and more rain in the pacific northw 9:32. you made it to friday. a thin veil of low cloud cover over the san francisco bay right now. you can still make out the bay bridge. we do have thick fog out there. give yourself time to reach your destination safely. comfortable temperatures later. 68 in livermore, 65 in san jose.
9:33 am
as you head through saturday, a few showers early, a nice dry finish to saturday afternoon. sunday a stray shower also possible. then monday into next week nice your latest weather.eather. natalie? >> announcer: "today's" style is brought to you by yoplait. learn how to take your look from good to so good with this from "today's" style. >> al, thank you. this morning on "today's" style, swanky storage for your home. helping us clear the clutter is lifestyle editor. good morning. >> good morning. >> people dump stuff, gets cluttered. >> should be renamed the dumping ground. >> entry of your home so it's the first thing people see. >> we have always loved baskets. if we start down here, so great for portable storage. spray paint them. give them a little update.
9:34 am
we saw these on martha stewart. they're so gorgeous and glamorous. $20 from lantern moon and spray paint is practically free. >> so good. love these storage boxes. >> lacquer boxes is fantastic for coraling little things like key, mail, remote controls. these are from see wonder. they're just beautiful. fun colors. >> starting at $35. >> this umbrella stand, which i love. >> isn't it cute? this little owl. who can ever find an umbrella? never. this is a great incentive for you to keep your umbrellas in one place from madison avenue gifts. just really fun and fancy way to welcome people. >> let's move on into the kitchen. let's start off with over here the peg board for all of our pot s and pans. >> yes. it's actually julia child's idea. genius idea and so easy. it's just peg board.
9:35 am
we've actually spraypainted the silhouettes. >> so you know what goes wear >> and your husbands and kids can put it back in the right place. it's $17, this whole thing from your local home improvement store. >> a small apartment it's a great idea. >> great idea. free frees up lots of subpoenaboard space. >> i love these stylish solutions as well. >> these are so cool. they're very clever but really dangerous. we have these at the office. my hand is underneath the spigot all day long. they're just $35. they come as a double unit. that's a great deal from casa. >> this is mazing. >> i know. >> cool idea and very inexpensive. >> nothing is prettier than a classic mason jar. these labels, you can download these from the internet from as long as they're for personal use. great way to have the world's most beautiful cupboard or pantry. >> absolutely. put all your dry goods in. tell me about these. >> this is office.
9:36 am
>> office solutions. fantastic metal file cabinet. >> isn't this cool? who doesn't have, you know, a -- >> normally very ugly. >> very ugly and beat-up cabinet. we just wallpapered it. spray adhesive and wallpaper. now a piece of furniture that's pretty enough to go into any room. >> keep your pens and pencils organized. >> it's actually chalk board. they're really story. no cardboard here. really story. $4.50 on to $39. >> these are great for kids' rooms. >> stylish storage. you really can let go of those plastic storage bins. there's lots of attractive options from land of nod. love the chevron. >> finally over here, clothing. >> these are giant bags, like hampers? >> giant. wood next to the fireplace to really anything. >> blankets. >> yep. these are just $42. >> fantastic.
9:37 am
>> so chic. >> maybe i'll start getting organized. the container store, i love those places. i get lost in them. thank you. >> thank you. >> coming up next, highs and lows in pop culture this week, up next. e athis is bob, a regular guy with an irregular heartbeat. the usual, bob? not today. [ male announcer ] bob has afib: atrial fibrillation not caused by a heart valve problem, a condition that puts him at greater risk for a stroke. [ gps ] turn left. i don't think so. [ male announcer ] for years, bob took warfarin, and made a monthly trip to the clinic to get his blood tested. but not anymore. bob's doctor recommended a different option: once-a-day xarelto®. xarelto® is the first and only once-a-day prescription blood thinner for patients with afib not caused by a heart valve problem, that doesn't require routine blood monitoring. like warfarin, xarelto® is proven effective to reduce the risk of an afib-related stroke. there is limited data on how these drugs compare when warfarin is well managed. no routine blood monitoring
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9:41 am
every week, new york magazine wraps up the best and the wor st every week ""new york" magazine" wraps up the best and the worse the in pop culture politics and everything between in their approval matrix. here to break down the week that was, new york magazine editor. >> hi, willie. >> we'll see ponies and sweaters in a few minutes. >> yes. >> but not yet. >> we will be, so please don't turn the channel. there will be shetland ponies, they will be wearing sweaters. >> i dare you to turn the channel. >> i feel sorry for you if you do. >> you kind of plopped the week that was and put it on the grid. you were covering the inauguration unlike anyone else. >> figuring out which moments were important and which moments we could do without. >> such as bill clinton afan of kelly clarkson. >> she was mounting the podium to sing "my country tis of thee." she was taking her place. as she did, a familiar face popped out in the aisle with a
9:42 am
j jubilant expression, very eager to take in all sides of kelly clarkson. >> perhaps an unfair frame that was captured but maybe telling a bigger story. >> in this age, you see a face like that and it instantly becomes an internet name. he looks like approval. he looks sort of like a bill cosby kind of facial express. it is a wonderful photo. the obama girls became celebrities of their own on that day, monday, with some cellphies. >> for those that don't know, photos that normal teenagers use cell phones to take photos of themselves. this is such an awesome photo because we see these girls acting goofy, you know, striking these sort of dopey poses with their friends the way that normal teenagers do. even though they may not be normal teenagers, at least we know that they're awesome teenagers. >> you classified both of the last two as brilliant. moving into despicable territory, we can all relate to this one. it's the sunday night dvr problem. >> right.
9:43 am
>> so many shows on at once, what do you do? >> admittedly, willie, this is a first-world problem. i understand in the grand scheme of things this is not something that actually implies suffering. that said right now sunday nights at 9:00, there's a lot of good shows on. dvr records only two at the same time. it can result in some conflict, tension between you and your partner. you can't watch everything. what do you do? like i said, again, a very privileged problem to have, but a problem nonetheless. >> i say tie goes to "real housewives of atlanta." if you have a problem, go right there. >> when has nene leakes ever served us wrong? >> that's the winner. a new web series where a woman goes into a vintage store and feels and tells the story of the clothing. let's watch a clip. >> hi, i'm roxanne elizabeth essellman and i'm a vintage store psychic. interesting. this seemed to be a gift given
9:44 am
to a woman named laura. whoever buys this bracelet, it will be unimaginable, the power. it will bring them a lot of luck. >> the question here, julia, is why? >> why didn't she buy that bracelet? >> yeah. >> this is a one-woman reality show waiting to happen. based on her name alone. this woman is such a fantastic character. and it's kind of amazing this has never been done before. she goes into a vintage store. she tells the stories of where these clothes are, when people wore them. was somebody wearing this shirt when she died? was somebody wearing these shoes when they got married? the greatest part about being a clothing psychic is that the clothes can't tell you when you're wrong. >> that's a good point. i'm not sure i want to know the story of the dead person who owned my clothes previously. >> no. >> we've arrived at the moment everyone has waited for. brilliant low brow, according to
9:45 am
you, on the matrix. ponies wearing sweaters. take us through it. >> first of all, there's not much more to say beyond looking and enjoying this image. willie, they are ponies and they are wearing sweaters. >> and shetland ponies wearing shetland sweaters. shetland pon shetland sweaters. >> this is part of a tourism campaign for scotland. i am told the ponies names are bibla and vitamin. and they are being dressed by, i guess they call them, rompers. they're homemade in scotland. these are just -- such a perfectly timed anti-depressant during the time of the year where it's cold, we have the winter doldrums. we look at these ponies. if you don't feel better looking at them, i honestly don't know what to say to you. >> i think you make it your screen savor and you're going to get yourself through winter. >> it becomes your state of mind. >> julie gloucester, good to see you. >> thanks, willie. the best in bloopers from the world of sports when we come back. [ female announcer ] back to school means back to busy mornings.
9:46 am
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very interesting. cool. i like "success." joy. i got cracker chips. [ laughing ] chocolatey pretzel. mmmm.... special k! [ female announcer ] snack and stay on track with special k. i like "confidence." i am a confident lady. [ laughter ] dyouth code dark spot correcting jskincare from l'oreal. 86% of women saw less dark spots. 90% of women saw improvement in skins overall appearance. treat dark spots. youth code from l'oreal paris. [ coughs ] [ baby crying ] ♪ [ male announcer ] robitussin® liquid formula soothes your throat on contact and the active ingredient relieves your cough. robitussin®. don't suffer the coughequences™. [ humming ] [ babbling ] the cheerios bandit got you again? [ both laugh ] ♪ the one and only, cheerios
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go olive garden's ] three course italian dinner. it's back for just $12.95. featuring 5 delicious new entrees to choose from. go creamy and dig into rich new penne di mare with shrimp. or maybe go crunchy with new parmesan potato crusted chicken. served with unlimited fresh salad and warm breadsticks. finish with a decadent dessert. 3 courses, just $12.95! go tonight! go olive garden! and try our unlimited homemade soup, crisp salad, and warm breadsticks lunch. just $6.95! our friend, len berman is here to take us on a wacky, wonderful world of sports. good to see you. >> hi, lenny. >> the top sports stories? let's go spanning the world. >> unbelievable!
9:50 am
>> all right. >> gabrielle carey makes the save at lafayette indiana. she saves it for three points. >> and why be all that subtle. >> no! >> yeah! >> great half court shot to win the prize at gonzaga. >> little short. >> world jumping championships and nobody got hurt. >> rules questions. can the ref -- you dribble once then you stop. okay. let's dribble a second time. and it counts? what? double dribble in the nba. you fake it, then a 360 fake. how about the soccer defense? can the peruvian goalie make it back in time to make the save?
9:51 am
no, i don't think. effort, how about that? hey, the new technology, world's largest golf club. unfortunate our star of the month, the new jersey devils during nhl lockout, decides to take up figure skating. >> nice. >> that's great. >> call this a double klutz. >> some deer got on the racetrack. >> and bambi has the lead. >> racing rudolph. >> bailey the dog singing hail to the washington redskins. well, sort of. >> is he lip syncing? bark syncing? >> the best play-by-play.
9:52 am
>> score! >> yeah, but not quite as good as the announcement. put it up and it is good, good, good, good, g-o-o-d, that spells god. and it is good. >> you never knew spelling counted. >> no, exactly. g-o-o-d, good, good, good. >> that catch phrase, make that yours. >> that was good. that was good. >> i like that. >> good, good, good good. >> thanks so much, len berman. we're back in a moment. this is "today" on nbc.
9:53 am
9:54 am
what you have to look forward to next week, jill's steals and deals.
9:55 am
>> our "today's" viewer challenge for the best homemade chicken wings in the country just in time for the super bowl. >> we'll head into super bowl filling in for kathie lee. she joins hoda after your local news and weather. [ crickets chirping ] [ traffic passing ]
9:56 am
♪ [ music box: lullaby ] [ man on tv, indistinct ] ♪ [ lullaby continues ] [ baby coos ] [ man announcing ] millions are still exposed to the dangers... of secondhand smoke... and some of them can't do anything about it. ♪ [ continues ] [ gasping ] you're watching "today in the bay." >> good morning to you. it is 9:56. i'm marla tellez. san francisco mayor ed lee is now taking some steps to help make sure 49ers fans do not get out of hand the night of the super bowl. city officials are hoping to avoid a repeat of this, the
9:57 am
violence and vandalism after the giants won the world series last year. lee says city officials will meet with small businesses in mission district ahead of the game. officials are even considering halting alcohol sales at bars toward the end of the game. more than 450 police officers will be out on city streets that night, and some of the streets will be closed to vehicles. that is february 3rd. let's check the forecast with meteorologist christina loren. >> hey, thanks. yeah, interesting weather pattern for today. downright bizarre. we've got showers creeping up from the south. light activity. a few spotty showers later this afternoon, but it's mild out there. because this system is so warm bringing up subtropical moisture, we'll see highs close to 60 degrees. everything changes by tomorrow. cold front comes through. this will drop your temperatures substantially. tomorrow afternoon shaving off ten degrees from today's high. 66 for livermore.
9:58 am
as we head through saturday, a few showers early, maybe a stray shower on sunday, but overall looking comfortable for the weekend. >> now a look at the drive with mike. problems in the south bay. >> the earlier crash i told you about actually was a car fire. so this is north 101. let me show you how far this goes. the car fire is now gone, but they have to scrape that melted fiberglass from the roadway as well. now that slowing treach for 101. but otherwise okay here. look at foster city, the sun's coming out here. we can make out the high rise, but on the hayward side, still tough to see. >> we'll be back with our next news and weather update in about 30. lucky charms?!
9:59 am
♪ yer always after me lucky charms! whoa. i forgot how good these taste! [ lucky ] ♪ they're magically delicious now all general mills big g kid cereals have more whole grain than any other ingredient
10:00 am
in cereals like lucky charms and cinnamon toast crunch, the delicious way to help them grow up strong. from nbc news this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> hey, everybody. it's try day. another dry day, friday, dullsville. we've got 12 days to go until the booze flows again. >> she's desperate. blues. >> we are shaking. we're shaking here. all right. joining us is miss meredith vieira filling in for kathie lee. >> she's been gone all week. >> she's been busy shooting, as you were saying upstairs. >> did i say that? >> you kind of did. >> okay. >> part of the deal is we have not been drinking.
10:01 am
again, we just have a little bit of time left before it's all over. >> right. >> but we're trying to figure out what kind of wear and tear drinks has on how you look. >> well, you know it makes your skin dull. you know you can develop wrinkles. now there's an app. a drinking mirror app, right? >> this is scary. you put your picture in, and you tell them how many drinks you have, and they will calculate how -- >> truthfully how many drinks you have? >> truthful where i. you'll see how your looks erode over the course of years, and it is frightening. okay. so this is -- >> let's see what you would look like. >> this is what i would look like after ten glasses of wine. >> that looks -- you don't look bad. >> it looks like a crazy mask. >> you still don't look bad. >> what's all the brown discoloration? >> they say your skin gets -- >> you just get more foundation. problem solved. >> now it's my turn. >> this is meredith after ten drinks. >> that's very nice. really nice. >> i didn't even get to see it.
10:02 am
>> that was a prune. really, really -- you know what, i'm your guest. i'm your guest. >> allegedly you're my guest. >> it's part of a drinking smart campaign. they don't want people to drink too much. a clever idea. >> right. >> we're all vain. we might drink less. >> were you a smoker? >> i did a little -- my mom doesn't know, but now she does. >> i'm so sorry. >> i did a little, but i don't -- i don't -- >> no smoking? >> you were a smoker, right? >> i was this kind of a smoker, for many, many, many years. >> was it hard to quit that? >> i quit the day i found out i was pregnant with ben, and that was it. >> that was it. >> the day i had ben, i wanted a cigarette, and ben is now 24, and i realize that i'm an addictive personality, and i knew if i had the cigarette, i would go back. >> what are you on now? what's your dikz? you know everybody has something. >> love. love. you know what, i just have to be
10:03 am
careful because that's my personality. >> i have a little of that too. there is another study that's out there on road rage. >> right. >> it talks about how when we hit the road, what makes us the most insane when we're driving down a road. what's the most upsetting thing. you guys think about what you think is the most upsetting thing when you're driving. >> most common complaints are cutting in and weaving, which i hate too. you know what i hate, people that are being conscience and they're driving, like, 50 miles, but they're in the left-hand lane, and they never move. that is equally dangerous. >> yeah, because you're flashing them, and they're not -- [ honking ] >> you don't want to get right up on the back of them. >> i like to pull up and see. i like to make eye contact. i give them stenk eye right through the window, and they don't care because it's over. >> i had one thing, and this is terrible, but i was driving to a graduation when i was in new orleans, and i was late. i was trying to floor it. i was supposed to be speaking to the grad. they were waiting.
10:04 am
this guy comes in, and i lean on the horn. he is going so slow, and i look at him, and you know what i did? >> what did you do? >> what do you think i did? >> i flipped him off. i was so mad. >> you don't know who -- >> let me tell you who he was. window went down. i looked at him, and he -- >> president obama. >> no. no. he said to me do you know mr. early, who was the general manager of my station? he said he is my closest friend, and i looked out there, and i was nauseous. >> did he tell mr. early? >> i bury things and forget about them. that's my philosophy of life. >> did you then run him off the road? >> no. i got to the -- all i could think about during the speech was, oh, my god. i flipped off mr. early's friend. i felt terrible. i don't usually do that, but occasionally it comes out. >> wow. remember you used to go by trucks and they would beep the horn, pull the horn. that doesn't happen anymore. i hate that. i hate that. it's still flu season. >> it is flu season. we're going to play a little
10:05 am
flu-related game. >> anna post. our great friend. emily post. >> here's the thing. i just want to point out before we even start, this is the prize. if you win -- >> this is the prize? >> you get ginger and blueberries and stuff. >> oh, jeez. >> who cares about winning now? >> i'm with you. you got better than that. >> give us a question. you and your spouse are planning to travel next week, and he thinks he might have the flu. what should he do? a, cancel the plans immediately? b, you go without him? c, wait 24 hours to see how sick he really is? d, run don't walk to the doctor? okay. you already gave us the answer. oh, no. >> i wrote it. i was writing run don't -- i had it. >> run don't walk to the doctor. >> i am up. you're now behind. >> yes, you are. >> question number two. >> okay. >> oh, wait. are they giving all the answers? you meet someone who is clearly sick. they go to shake hands. what do you do? a, quickly turn your head away from them?
10:06 am
b, tell them they have some nerve spreading their germs around? c, make eye contact, smile, nod your head? d, go ahead and shake, but wash your hands right away? >> i say d. >> i say c. >> no, d. >> ah! >> wash your hands. >> you just -- you are leaving them hanging. >> hey, how are you? hey. nice to see you. hey. you're off on that one. okay. >> all right. whatever. >> number three. you want to do number three? >> it's rude to cancel on a host at the last minute, but if you are sick, what should you do? a, cancel anyway? go but don't stay long? go but make sure your hands are washed and you don't touch your face. d, don't go and don't call? they'll figure it out. a. >> a. >> i was writing -- >> you're the only -- >> writing fast. >> the answer is -- >> a. >> cancel anyhow. sflo what's the score? >> 2-1. >> okay. >> did i win?
10:07 am
>> no. >> i won. i won. >> that was as dumb as -- that was -- >> don't be jealous. all mine. all mine. >> no, no, you're not taking the root. move on. get over it. get over it. you're not getting it. >> every now and then there's a great little piece of video. this is a cute one. this is called -- we're calling it the little drummer boy. this is 11-year-old jonathan corollo, and he has become a youtube sensation. is he from seattle. he likes playing the drums. >> he has been taking lessons for one year only. >> it's not for doing the laundry. let's take a look. ♪ >> that's unbelievable. >> exactly. look how fast his hands are too.
10:08 am
>> wait. he is not going to stop. he is -- in a minute -- oh. >> cool. >> that is totally cool. >> very, very cool. ♪ >> now at this time of the program we do something that we like to call kathie lee's friday funny. [ laughing ] >> okay. we get to laugh before you start. i'm doing it. good luck. >> this one is from facebook fan ducello cosio. >> we apologize. >> i'm sorry. is that a woman? i don't know. i'm sorry. >> we're ready. >> okay. here goes. at a wedding party recently someone yelled all the married folks please stand next to the one person who has made your life worth living. the bartender was nearly crushed. >> oh, myself. . >> you could have given me a better one. >> we wanted to keep it short. >> it is time for our girl bobbie thomas. >> hey, girls. >> how are you? >> i'm good. well, thank you.
10:09 am
i love the hot pink. >> thank you. >> i have some hot oils. a lot of this has got buzz lately on-line and hollywood. first up essential patches. you know how you put oil to destress or get rid of the headache or fight the mru? these are less messy patches, and they will keep the scent longer. they're organize mick. an easy way to use the essential oils. >> nice. >> i like that. >> i was so happy you were talking about coconut oil this week, and saying how much you love it. well, in hollywood bloggers on-line talk about nutrition coconut oil capsules are a great way to boost your immune system. during the flu they also help boost your metabolism, which supports weight loss, and they also help with your skin, your hair. >> your hair. >> you don't want to rub all the oil on, you can just use this stufr -- >> you get the softness. >> you get the smell too. >> both. >> now, some other otherwise that are at the drugstore, guys use shaving oil for their face. in the winter this is a really great product for just $6 that
10:10 am
you can pick up. somerset for your legs. you can use shaving oil. two to three drops goes a long way, and your legs are moistureized. you don't have to use as much lotion after. this is a cult favorite. there is a limited edition hair fragrance. it preps your hair before you blow dry it and protects it from the wind, and it has oils on the side. can you see it really close. it's really -- i think the smell is what everybody is kind of falling in love with, but it's really great for your hair, and it's not too oily. >> oh. >> of course. >> okay. >> i kept squeezing it. >> what is it, lavender? >> it has chamomile oil. >> for your hair. >> let's ask a fashion question while you're here. look at meredith's cool shoes. they're very fancy. they're pink. they're crazy stillettos. >> i always wear panty hose. >> you have on tights.
10:11 am
is it -- >> people always say why don't you wear tights or hoes? what's the truth? >> i personally -- >> tell me what you think. >> you're so -- >> you're so hot. >> you're so hot, i think that you don't immediate them. you could just use maybe a toner. i can't believe we're saying this. >> mying that gets prefaced with you're so hot -- you're saying that because then you're going to drop the other. >> i understand that they're an easy practical way to get an even skin tone and be warmer, so they're practical, and i actually couldn't tell, so you did a really great job. i don't like it when you are wearing you are wearing a peek toe, and you let the seam show. >> it is showing. >> ruin my day. >> nice shoes. >> it is time -- all right. this is our johnson's baby of the week announcement. we have big news in conjunction with johnson's baby. ♪ >> we are celebrating new moms everywhere. >> every week we're going to feature your bundle of joy right
10:12 am
here on our chat. >> send us in your photo with words of wisdom, and -- >> the birthday and the weight. 8 weeks or younger. you can't cheat. >> go to klg and hoed it begins next friday, february 1st. everything is on our website. sfoo this is very important. this is the last day for this. remember we were doing that contest ten years later where you take -- >> based on your book. >> remember, you showed us your picture. >> you showed it. i didn't ask for it to be shown. >> oh, that's -- yeah. poor stephan. >> was he your indicate? >> he was. >> looking great. >> we want you to upload a picture of yourself ten years ago to instagram using the _#ten years later. if we pick you, you're going to have a chance to come here and have lunch with me, kathie lee. the contest ends at midnight. look at this guy. at midnight eastern time. >> you know what's interesting, how everybody looks better. >> they do, right? >> they grow into themselves. you think you would look worse, but everybody looks better. >> yeah, they do.
10:13 am
you're right. >> could social media put an end to courtship? >> the reality of nondates in the digital age right after this. whatever that means. >> young people are coming on to talk to us. my skin loses moisture nearly twice as fast as yours does, mom. ♪ that's why you use johnson's baby lotion to keep my skin baby soft. ♪ i love that it's gentle enough to use twice a day, morning and night. ♪ you've really got this "mom thing" down. ♪ this reduced sodium soup says it may help lower cholesterol, how does it work? you just have to eat it as part of your heart healthy diet. step 1. eat the soup. all those veggies and beans, that's what may help lower your cholesterol and -- well that's easy [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup. ♪ wow. ♪ what? ♪ mmm. it looks delicious!
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10:16 am
being asked out on a date is not what it used to be. phone calls have been replaced by emails and texts, and it is not always clear if you're twum on a date or just hanging out with a group. >> here's the question, is this the end of court hipp some here to help us understand it all is sex and relationship therapist ian kernor along with some people on the dating scene. debra goldstein, 31-year-old, author of flirtexting, and 2012 cosmo bachelor of the year from new orleans, we should point out, ryan. >> hey, guys. >> hey. >> really "new york times" article about whether -- >> i found it depressing. >> me too. it talks about the end of courtship when a guy would see you and court you and call you. >> actually call you. >> and date. >> i remember being that guy, and i feel like ryan's
10:17 am
generation has it a little bit too ease where i. i remember it was up to the guy. we would have to be the one to call the woman, and you would have to use a phone, and you would dial your number, and then your heart would beat. you know? >> i know exactly. >> is somebody going to answer? am i going to get an answering machine? >> if they answer, what do do you? >> you could hang up because there wasn't caller id. >> he could just text, hey, what's happening? >> tell us what you guys think. >> when we wrote "flirtexting, and i wrote it with my best friend. we actually grew up dating in your day and age where we did wait for the phone call, and then we noticed guys were texting us and it transitioned, and we thought this isn't slowing down. it's happening. how do we change our game to what's happening? what i discovered is it's really -- it's really -- what's important is sort of teaching somebody how to treat you. if you want him to call you, if you want him to take you seriously and to court you, then you have to create your text
10:18 am
messages in a way that puts that out. >> guys are stupid. we don't get that. you know, some guys are going to text regardless. they'll even text just one word. hey. what are you doing? >> ryan, if you want to ask a girl out, okay, you see a girl and think she's cute, how do you do it? i mean, do you text her? do you say meet us with a group of friends? how do you do it? >> no, i'm not a fan of this hang out dating thing. i think because i want to screen the girl before i go and introduce her to my friends. i think i -- >> what does that mean? how do you screen the girl? >> i like the one-on-one, the face-to-face kind of -- >> you want to physically meet her? >> oh, yeah. absolutely. >> is he a southern gentleman. >> i'm a southern gentleman. raised by great parents. you know, heathat's what i was taught to do. texting versus phone calls, it depends on what kind of relationship you have with them preexisti preexisting. say i knew them beforehand, i would probably give them a call, but if we just kind of met, you know, through a friend or
10:19 am
something, maybe a text, you know, to spur it on, and then a call to confirm. >> let's talk about the scenario and the times. guys texting this girl, and he technicals her about having a date. clearly use the word date. she doesn't hear from him all day. 10:30 at night, hello, he texts her and says let's go out with my buddies. >> come over. >> would gu? >> here's how i feel about that. i think that what's important for the girl to understand if she does go what that's going to set her up for. i've been the girl who says, okay, yeah, sure, i'll go, but i understand what that means. this means that he's not going to put me in the category of i'm going to take her home to meet mom. she's going to be my girlfriend. if i wanted to be his girlfriend, then i wouldn't respond to his text message. i would give him the benefit of the doubt, allow him the opportunity to text me the next day during the daylight, and i would respond back quickly so that he knows this is how i like to be treated, and this is how i want you to set up our relationship. >> ian, what is happening? is this eroding, like,
10:20 am
relationships because there's less contact and more group stuff? >> i think social media is putting too much information out there. it's kind of stripping courtship of some of the mystery, and i think all of this texting, social media, internet, it's kind of like a faucet that is always on, and you just have to decide when you're going to turn it off. i think you have to be able to step outside of the group, and i actually have heard from a lot of people who are going back to phones. they're saying they're going even back to e-mail. >> are you? >> that's going -- >> it makes them stand out from the crowd. if a guy actually calls, he makes an impression. >> exactly. >> i notice that recently when guys ask for my number, i'll give them my e-mail because you're going to be able to actually communicate more through e-mail than you would through a text. >> i haven't got that one yet. >> it allows you to get to know somebody a little bit more because you're not just texting, hey, what are you doing? >> what has been the advantage of all this? is there any? >> well, you know, there was an interesting study that said that
10:21 am
you kind of have to go on ten first dates before you really meet somebody who is worth a second date, and i think in an age of social media, in an age of internet dating, maybe it is more of a numbers game, and it's easier to have those ten first dates. >> you just have to realize back then it was sex, drugs, and rock 'n' roll, and then now, you know, hash tag ten years later it's sexting and justin bieber. >> ryan, thank you. >> thanks, guys. we appreciate it. >> thank you. >> get ready to strut your stuff. >> fast and easy runway beauty tips that will make you stand out in a crowd. >> looking good. excels with migraine sufferers. these heads belong to those who can't put their lives, jobs and loved ones on hold because of a migraine. so when a migraine starts, they grab excedrin migraine. they know excedrin provides fast pain relief. plus it relieves sensitivity to light, sound, even nausea. no wonder it's #1 neurologist recommended.
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10:25 am
look at mary. >> hoda and i clean up and get the help that we need. >> cleaned out the clutter. >> i don't see it happening. >> it's going to happen after the local news and weather. e yo. l'oreal paris creates new total repair 5. our most advanced level of haircare. it fights five of the top hair problems. total repair 5 with ceramide targets weak, limp, lifeless, dull, and straw-like hair. my hair is transformed, full. feels stronger with a healthy shine. total repair from root to core to tip. five problems, one solution. change the life of your hair. with new total repair 5. l'oreal's most advanced haircare. because you are totally worth it. ♪ break the ice with breath-freshening cooling crystals. ice breakers.
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[ female announcer ] progresso light soups. so many tempting varieties, 100 calories or less. get back on track with these weight watchers-endorsed products at walmart. you know, "what are you thinking?" oh, i had a knot in my chest. i didn't really want her to go but...i knew she could do it. i felt like there were bigger and better things for me to do. [ mom ] she took what she was doing seriously. [ hosmer ] my self-confidence just went through the roof. [ dad ] it was awesome to see her transform from a girl, in a small town, to a soldier. [ male announcer ] you made them strong. we'll make them army strong. talk to your son or daughter about joining the army. find out how at you're watching "today in the bay." >> it is 10:26 now. good morning. i'm marla tellez. make sure you bring some change if you're rolling into san francisco this weekend because this sunday you'll have to start feeding those parking meters. new sunday parking rules went
10:27 am
into effect a few weeks ago but until now drivers have just been given warnings. but now the warnings are all done. 11,000 warnings were handed out. city officials expect the pay to park on sunday will generate almost $2 million in revenue. take a look at the forecast and the roads after the break.
10:28 am
10:28. welcome back. taking a live look at the slick roadway in san jose. you want to give yourself extra
10:29 am
time in the south bay. your highways are nice and slick. still unusual to have both showers and warm temperatures especially when you consider we're in the month of january. the very end of the month and still getting 6 at 10:28. we're at fair game to hit 70s later today, but we've got to burn off the fog first. i want to show you how much the skies are improving. now you can see three miles or better all across the board. with that sun breaking through, 68 degrees in gilroy. we'll take you through the weekend forecast today at 11:00. first, the drive. >> here's some of that different look that christina was talking about. the bay bridge toll plaza, no problems for visibility here. the backup just starting as folks head into the city about this time on friday. golden gate bridge a similar backup. blown out by the sun here but the low clouds still stick around in spots for the north bay. the south bay still a little gloomy and spots where the roadways are still damp, so be careful. no problems over the last hour
10:30 am
regarding spinouts. they were common this morning. >> more on the day's top stories coming up in 30 minutes. >> we are back on this try day friday. there's more of "today." the fast and easy tips. >> instyle beauty editor went back stage at fashion shows to get some of the behind the scenes secrets from the pros. >> hey. how are you? >> hi. >> so you got to see the inner workings. what kind of things did you learn some. >> well, i think that the biggest take-away is just how incredibly fast they operate. you know, everything is done in a matter of minutes. they have so many models to get through there, make them look amazing. it's like extreme makeup and hair. >> sure. lips are one of the first things you mow when you look at someone. >> full lips. >> you have a tip for that, huh? >> one of the common mistakes that women make is use aing dark lipliner to reshape their lips.
10:31 am
one of the great tips we saw back stage is they used a white pencil. >> where? >> right on the cupid's bow. you highlight the shape of the lip. it makes them subtly look fuller, and it's more natural than using a dark pencil. >> white? >> i couldn't use a white. >> she doesn't have -- >> before and after. look at the difference. >> oh, my god. >> it really does look beautiful. >> very easy to do. >> very easy, and in real life you can blend it to make it look more natural. on the runway it's more dramatic. >> pale nails are in right now. they tend to crack and chip. >> they are sometimes difficult to apply. especially if it's an opaque nude, which is away wha we've been seeing a lot on the runways. we found this great tip at donna karen. the manicurist applied a matte top coat in between the shades of color. you know, usually you just put it on as a base. it's in between. this helps it go on very smooth so you don't get that
10:32 am
streakiness. >> that's clever and smart. what's catherine doing over here? what's happening? >> well, this was a trick that tom pescoe did at marnie. it's for cheeks. he said he learned this trick from his mom, which is just using a few dabs of lipstick -- >> on your cheeks. >> what's great about this is it's something any woman can do. you're going out on the town, and if you just want to carry one product, use this on your lips, your cheeks. >> i'm going to ask this. probably a dumb question. do you use the same color that you use on your lips? >> yes, yes. >> you do. >> sometimes you can use it on your lids too. >> all over. >> you would do plum, plum, plum? >> you could. plum. just obviously light other the eyes. >> okay. >> now for fly-away hair you have a cool, interesting trick. >> they often do the hair first back stage. so what they'll do is keep it off the face while they're doing the makeup by clipping it in.
10:33 am
exactly. what this does is it -- my hands are very slippery. it keeps the hair off the face, so you don't get a dent from the metal. >> oh. >> normally if you are pulling your hair back or putting it in a ponytail, you would get a dent. this is also a great trick for women to use at home if you are doing your makeup sxushgs don't want to ruin your hair. keep it out of your face. >> tools of the trade that you found. this i love. we have one of these. >> this has been a staple back stage for a long time. what's great about it, you can see, it's obviously this egg shape, which is great for getting into all the nooks and crannies in your face. >> they're fantastic on your face. they're great. >> we love that it's now black, so it's not quite -- >> the other thing that makeup artists will often do is take dozens of lipsticks and put them in cases and that way they can mix and match different shades and also have all of their lipstick there. another one that's great for women if they're traveling, you don't have to stick with the lipstick. you can put any makeup in there. throw it in your evening bag.
10:34 am
it's an easy way. >> you're sticking your pinkie in and it's much smarter. what do we have here? >> this, as i said, it's all about speed back stage. one of the things that we found, very funny, but remarkably effective is an old school fan when they're trying to dry the model's hands. >> that's what they would use? >> they will sit there with a fan. it's also a great trick if are you doing a cat eye like with a liquid liner. you need a few minutes to dry it, and this is a great thing for women to do at home. >> is it going to start running? >> it will dry it. really quickly. >> same thing. >> thank you, amy. >> all right. we have to admit, the next spot is definitely aimed at us. >> it's for clearing the clutter. >> no hope. ith chantix. when the doctor told me that i could smoke for the first week... i'm like...yeah, ok... little did i know that one week later i wasn't smoking. [ male announcer ] along with support, chantix is proven to help people quit smoking. it reduces the urge to smoke. some people had changes in behavior, thinking or mood, hostility, agitation,
10:35 am
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10:38 am
made with sweet, smooth peanut butter and salted, roasted peanuts. sweet and salty nut bars by nature valley. nature at its most delicious. okay. all weeklong we've revealed how completely unorganized we are. we're going to reveal some of meredith's photos from her closet. this is what she took over the weekend. she started to clean out her closet, and then ended up leaving everything out in the hallway, and then we decided it was time to look in our bags, and we were all kind of crazy stuff inside our purses. i had mardi gras beads. amanda, don't judge. a zip lock bag full of god knows what. >> clearly we have an issue. >> we have an issue. >> so here to help us clear the clutter and actually turn our rooms into practical, beautiful spaces is the star of the style network show "the amandas" professional organizer from new orleans, amanda. >> is there any hope? >> there is hope. i just want to say that --
10:39 am
that's not what most people would consider a purse what you have. it's a travel bag. >> a travel bag. >> it's a backpack, but i use it as a purse, which means it is my purse. >> okay. >> so i took a peek inside, and there are definitely things can you do. these purse organizers, if you have lots of different compartments. the great thing is you put your essentials in there, the things you have to have every day, and then you know at least where those items are, and you can transfer this from purse to purse, so -- >> i have one of those. i've had one of those. >> did it work? >> no. clearly, it did not. >> we'll have to talk. that one is a different type where you can put it around the outside. >> like this, and you fill up the pockets. >> yeah. i just have trouble putting things in pockets. >> you put things in plastic bags and zip locks. you try to organize. you do try. >> amanda. let's look at meredith's closet. it isn't so bad. >> one of the biggest problems people have with closets is they don't have enough storage, and they have too much in there. a great way to eliminate the
10:40 am
problem is to double or triple your storage by adding a great adjustable storage system. this one is from organized living called freedom rail. it's very ease wherey to instal. it will double or triple your storage. >> what did you add? this extra layer right here? >> you can give yourself drawers, double hang, shelves for showers. >> how much does it cost? >> no, actually, this is a really inexpensive line. >> it is? >> you can start from $150 and go up from there and customize it to your needs. another great organizing tip is you can get a ballet rod. you can pull out what you are wearing on the show the next day, hang it, and then get dressed. >> so you go and they'll measure this for you, though, because how do you know? >> yes. you know, there are on-line -- there's a design your own tool at organized living that you can design your own closet. easy steps. you can call one of the dealers and they'll help walk you through the process. >> do you color coordinate things. >> it makes it easier to know what you have if all those same type of shirts are together, and can you see what your wardrobe is. it helps to you put things
10:41 am
together a little easier and get out the door feeling great. >> look how those purses are stored. >> i could never reach them. >> the shelf dividers help everything to stand up in the piles and not to fall over on each other. >> i like how it looks. >> beautiful. you'll never do it. >> let's go to the bathroom. we're staying in that same vein of getting dressed in the morning. laetsdz, this is my bathroom drawer. >> really? >> i brought my bathroom drawer. all the toothpaste and the toothbrush, everything has its own compartment. >> this is an insert. >> yeah. when you are getting dressed in the morning, everything is right where you need it. get dressed, put it right back. these compartments, you can wipe them out with a color objection wipe. the gunk isn't all over the drawer. the paper we put on the bottom, it's a pretty touch. this is smart for jewelry. mine is always tangled up, and i'm always trying to undo it. >> jewelry and accessories are the last thing we put on and we don't have a lot of time. this is a great way to display your jewelry so that can you accessorize in a quick hurry,
10:42 am
and you're not finding one earring or getting tangled necklace. >> where do you put this? this is big? >> they come in different sizes. you can make them yourself. hang them on the wall next to a mere or or wherever. >> we don't have a lot of time, but let's run through these things. this is how you organize your kid's room. >> it's called a basket. >> the great thing about this is the label on the front. for kids who can't read, you can put pictures and words. >> stuffed animals. >> get them in the habit of picking up. >> it gives them the independence of doing things on their own. >> this is going to be critical. so everybody has piles of mail. this is a quick and easy action file where you can pay that mail as it comes in. >> you put it in. okay. >> check it later. >> then you come back when you have time. >> that's a great idea. >> last thing is this is for busy moms. organizing kids in the car. you put everything you want your kids to have access to in the back seat. books, movies, drinks, snacks. when you are on the go, you don't -- you can keep your eye on the road. hands on the steering wheel.
10:43 am
>> they can pull out -- >> great idea. >> are you going back to new orleans for mardi gras? of course, you do. it's time to feel the burn. >> we'll show you the essential equilt you'll need to keep your new year's resolution to get fit right after this. [ lane ] do you ever feel like you're growing old waiting for your wrinkle cream to work? clinically proven neutrogena® rapid wrinkle repair. it targets fine lines and wrinkles with the fastest retinol formula available. you'll see younger looking skin in just one week. one week? that's just my speed. rapid wrinkle repair. and for dark spots rapid tone repair. from neutrogena®. of green giant vegetables it's easy to eat like a giant... ♪ and feel like a green giant. ♪ ho ho ho ♪ green giant ho ho ho
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10:47 am
zirnkts if are you finally ready to get healthy and fit this year, we have fun ways to get you started started. snoo here with the essential equipment to turn your resolution into reality is the fitness editor of "prevention" magazine jenna bergman. >> it's great to be here. >> have you some great gadgets that we need to get our hands on, huh? take to the gym. >> the first item is the gym bot interval timer. interval training is great because you're going to get more results in less time because you will -- you have rev up your metabolism and burn more calories. it makes it easy. you can program up to 99 different intervals. it will beep when you change
10:48 am
your pace. it's sort of like having your personal trainer. >> they spribt and then they walk, sprint and walk. >> okay. >> these are resistance bands. >> more trainer resistance bands. they're cool for people who are bezy on the go. they're super light weight. you would wrap them around your thigh area so between your hip and knee, and you are going to add resistance to, you know, moves like leg lifts, squats. >> oh, you know like the thigh. >> oh, okay. >> i thought one leg. what about the other? >> it's going to really help you tone and firm up a lot faster. >> is yellow the easiest up to red. >> different resistance levels. >> these are the rage. >> i called that a kettle something. kettle drum. >> kettle bells. this is a three in one kettle bell. you can use it at different weights. that would be five pounds. if you keep two on it would be eight and then 12 pounds. >> what do you do with them? >> you can do all kinds of -- the kettle swing, squats. you're going to burn up to 400 calories in 20 minutes. >> you're kidding. >> i don't believe that.
10:49 am
>> seriously? >> you'll be sweating in no time. >> really? >> very great. >> careful of your back. >> these are microspikes. they're awesome for anyone who loves to be outside. >> oh, i have snow shoes. those are even better. >> they're super cool. pull them over any boot or sneaker, and, you know, these little spikes on the bottom give you traction when it's icy and snowy out so you can get your walk in. you don't have to worry about slip and falling or injuring yourself. >> that's clever. very clever. >> super cool. >> $60. >> $60. that's a good thing to have. if you are a walker, these are the weight fit cups. they're cool. you're going to fit them over your wrist. they have about two pounds of weight. it's just going to add a little more burn, a little bit more sculpting to your walk for your arms. >> why are you putting more on there? >> they're really great. you're not going to even notice that they're there. they really help. >> is this how they're supposed to look? >> you would actually pull this down. be a little more -- like that. >> do you have these for your legs too? just for the arms? >> just for the arms.
10:50 am
swing back and forth. >> sports bras. sthoo those are important. >> if it's really cold and icy out -- >> don't put on a lot of thermals then. >> these are a type of thermal that are ice breaker sprite leggings and racing back bra. the leggings are over here. they're really thin. they're made with a merino wool blend that will wick sweat away from your body. the last thing you want is to have cotton on and get cold and clammy. if you will cut your workout short if you are uncomfortable in the cold. >> they're for exercise. >> get one. i can't either. >> they're weighted. >> this is weighted. it's three pounds. it's the cardio core and more. >> get out here where you can get some room. >> i can't do it. >> i can't either. we're doing it. >> what are we doing? >> you're going to get a really great core. >> careful of your back. >> because it's weighted -- >> don't throw it out. don't. >> try to keep it up a little bit. >> okay. >> these are dangerous. tloo this is dangerous. >> you definitely want to do it where you have a wide open
10:51 am
space. maybe a little bit more space. it's great. the thing is you can take it apart. >> you can travel with this thing. >> that's great. >> in your luggage. >> that's a great thing. >> it's really cool. you can actually rebuild it so that when there's different -- depending where the weight is. >> thank you. thank you. >> that's interesting. >> thanks. >> now that we're whipped into shape, it's time to get your kids in on the action. >> fun activity that is will get them to go out and play in the cold weather. >> first, this is "today" on nbc.
10:52 am
10:53 am
10:54 am
well, the kolder weather is definitely here make it hardtory get your kids to step away from the computer and the tv and go outside and play. >> but even if it's still warm where you are, time to play contributor meredith sinclair has fun ideas to lure them outside and burn some calories. >> get them outside. >> yes. >> how are you? >> they like to go outside. >> even though it's so cold, 20 minutes outside can really make everybody happy, right?
10:55 am
>> this is not your mother's sled. >> no, no. >> this is a collection of my favorite sleds. the first one i'm going to show you are these. these sort of round sleds are walru sleds. they connect to each other, so you can build that train. >> like a train. yes. >> exactly. $19.99. really affordable. then this is by lucky bombs. i love the name of these too. these are both by lucky bombs. these are really light weight. your kids can take them up by themselves, and they're fast, and they are beginning snowboards. they can start and hop -- >> hop on to the back too. >> snow ball playing is make tag on a new meaning with these turbo things you have. tloo this is not for little, it is kids. >> they're actually a little safer than your kids going out and beating each other really hard. this is a snowball blaster, and this is a crossbow. we're going to let you try this. >> okay. >> you load it in the front. >> what's great is you can build snowballs. >> oh, okay. >> then just put them in. >> put them in. >> then i say get some targets
10:56 am
in your neighborhood. you know, on the trees or the -- >> what is this? >> oh, you know. >> safer. >> the snow. >> wait a minute. >> no, it does -- >> they're more of a lobbing kind of action. i think it's actually safer. >> ow. didn't hurt at all. >> be careful with those. snowball kz hurt people. >> you can fwif this a try too. my boyove rc anything. when you take them outside, they get trashed. this is a train twister. it's meant for snow and land and water. you can make it go. it goes -- the bigger -- the harder the terrain, the better. >> that's cool. >> can it go over? >> it will go over. >> you can make it go all kinds of places. >> and on water. >> and the water. >> love it. >> come on. >> you want to get out and take a walk with your kids. this makes it fun. these are snow pods. at the make a monster track in the snow. in the sand too in the summer.
10:57 am
>> football, it's coming super bowl. flag football is one of our favorite games because no one is getting hurt. this is the training camp set, and i like it because this is small for littler kids, and thenyou know, you have to have an outside one. this is the nerf weather grips. can you throw a mean spiral, and girls should know how to throw a spiral too. >> exactly. >> so they're sitting on the couch and you need to get them outside. these are super fun. ogo sports. little minitrampolines. 150 feet up in the air, and it makes catch really fun. what's great is if you buy this this season, it's also great in the pool. >> i love it. >> they float. >> this is jube, another -- -- >> you have to be careful. >> just launch it. >> look at you. >> awesome. >> all right. >> i think we might have to wrap it up. i'm sorry. here's go sg great. we want to say good-bye to our good friend meredith vieira. did you have fun?
10:58 am
>> i had so much fun. >> i really did. >> love meredith. anyway, kathie lee will be back. looking forward to that on monday. we'll have the stars of "dallas" come to visit us. it's going to be a lot of fun. >> enjoy. mmmmmm. a choice of 6 skillet entrees, each with an appetizer, and dessert? whoa! no wonder they call it a complete meal. 3 courses, one diner price. complete skillet meals, starting at $8.99. only at denny's.
10:59 am
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